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Doors and windows - collection of 2012

My treasures

This window with a bear is my favorite of Vienna 2012.


1st district
It's hard to believe that I can find something "new" in the 1st district, but at fact I do!


Walking through 18th and 9th districts
These districts are lying nearby. It sounds a bit confusing until you see the map of districts of Vienna and understand its logic. 23 districts of Vienna spiral out from the city center (1st district) in a clockwise manner. You can find the very clean explanation here.

AU_V_18th_..ict__1_.jpg AU_V_Gentgasse-99__2_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__24_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__25_.jpg AU_V_Gentz..__11-1_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__16_.jpg
The 9th district, that lies inside the ring, I know better. 18th district - Währing, lies in on the edge of the Vienna Woods. Währing is known today as one of Vienna’s wealthy districts, along with neighbouring Döbling and Hietzing. Konstantin lives there now, you can see more photos of Wahring in the day when we visited him, and also Türkenschanz Park belongs to there.

AU_V_Wahri..tr__21_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__4_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__3_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__18_.jpg

Architecture of Semmering is cute and organic to the landscape. Mini-collection of photos here is quite random, because the real pride of Semmering is not houses but the 42 km long Semmering Railway. It climbs through alpine pass, at an elevation of 2,930 feet (898 meters), between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag in southeastern Austria. Designed in 1843 and built between 1848-54, it is still in use. Awsome!

AU_Semmeri..ans__2_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ans__1_.jpg
Panhans Grand Hotel (on the photos above) was opened in 1888 by Vinzenz Panhans - the name of hotel comes from family-name of this Vinzenz, who, it said, was the legendary personality. Then the Viennese society discovers the Semmering. The train journey along steep rock faces, over staggering viaducts and galleries to the luxurious hotels becomes a spectacular experience. Oskar Kokoschka, Karl Kraus, Adolf Loos, Stefan Zweig and many others find their artistic inspirations in Semmering... etc.

AU_Semmering__7_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ch__10_.jpg 1__Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
You can see more of Semmering in my post from summer 2012.

A picturesque spa town in Upper Austria.

AU_Bad_Ischl_01.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_05.jpgAU_Bad_Ischl__4_.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_13.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl__12_.jpg AU_Bad_Isc.._15__1_.jpg


Windows from Schallaburg Renaissance Castle in Lower Austria. Click here to see more of Schallaburg.

AU_Schalaburg_win__2_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__8_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__9_.jpg


Nice town near the lake that pretends to be a place for vacation. Actually Gmunden is quite industrial, but still pretty. You may see more then doors & windows here.

AU_Gmunden_doors__4_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___2_.jpg AU_Gmunden_doors__1_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___4_.jpg


I came there for the castle, but suddenly not the castle's windows were my favorite ones.

AU_Laxenburg_door_lock.jpg __100_7307.jpgAU_Laxemburg_win__4_.jpg AU_Laxenburg_door__3_.jpg



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Technishes Museum Wien

Photos are random, mostly photos of "photogenic" items. It can't illustrate how excellent this museum is. The exposition is so layered, intelligent, intriguing and so large that everyone can find the catch. I have seen there visitors of all kinds and ages - from toddlers to crumbling eldery, and also hiperactive schoolers, sedate middle-aged couples from working-class districts, kissing students, elegant seniors, the group filming video, and someone who slept on comfortable couch under zeppelin. Ticket is not cheap and museum is large, as I already mentioned; many people come to museum for whole day. They bring sandiches and even take a nap.

Yes, yes, it's not only about machines. It's very much about human being, and a lot about industry - I'm not a techno-frick but 100 years old print-house struck me. And I'm speechless about stunning locomotives!


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The place, where trams are sleeping


In the way to Technical Museum (which is great!) we found
the place where trams are sleeping.
Exciting! :-)


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Academy of Fine Arts

Gemäldegalerie: Rubens, Rembrandt, Bosch and Cranach...


About Art Academy of Vienna
The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was founded in 1692. Going through long history of Emperors and court-painters, Academy became "the supreme government authority for the arts" under rule of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in 1872. In 1907-8, young Adolf Hitler, who had come from Linz, was twice denied admission to the drawing class due to professional incompetence. He stayed in Vienna, subsisting on his orphan allowance, and tried unsuccessfully to continue his profession as an artist. Soon he had withdrawn into poverty and started selling amateur paintings, mostly watercolours, for meagre sustenance until he left Vienna for Munich in May 1913.
From here came Egon Schiele, Otto Wagner and many other famous and brilliant artists.

Gemäldegalerie: Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck. "Last Judgment" by Hieronymus Bosch, Francesco Guardi, Lukas Cranach, Titian ... Art collection of Academy is modest in comparation to Kunsthistoriches Museum, but when you there, your visit and your impressions feel much more personal. It's hard to explain, but the Academy has a special charm, maybe because you go to the gallery passing the classroom or due a painted ceiling - it's hard to say. Personally for me, the atmosphere of art school alone is extremely attractive.

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Vienna by other eyes

sunny 29 °C

We met in Vienna our friends and spent a lovely day together.
Here is Vienna by their eyes - all photos are taken by I. Yacubovich.

Great photos indeed!

Aizek_wien__2_.jpg Aizek_wien__7_.jpg Aizek_wien__3_.jpg Aizek_wien__4_.jpg
Places are popular, but new eyes always see it by other way. I really enjoy seeing Vienna with his eyes.

Ruprechtskirche is the oldest church in the city

Karlsplatz- sooo "beaten" place with so-so reputation - suddenly looks solemn and magnificent!
The close-up at the right side below is also from Karlsplatz.

Aizek_wien__1_.jpg Karlsplatz__2_.jpg Hundertwasser.jpg Hundertwasser_leo.jpg
And here is unrivaled Hundertwasser!

kunsthisto..um__22_.jpg chwein.jpg E51F8C622219AC6817206AE55EB5F086.jpg Aizek_wien__5_.jpg

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Flea market in Vienna

sunny 28 °C

Every Saturday Nashmarkt turns into flea market. It's not exactly antique market, but still possible to find interesting things. Dusty postcards from times of WWI and even before, someone's antique dining set, wicker pram from rods, variety of medals and army uniforms, scare dols and other stuff.

AU_Vienna_..ket__1_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__2_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__4_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__5_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__7_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__8_.jpg

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Living in Vienna


Neither citisen nor tourist, I am living in Vienna few months a year.
It would be nice to speak German, but meantime I survive nicely with my English (shame!). Each time I return from Austria with few new words and impressions in German and probably one day I will speak, with no doing massive effort of lang. studies.
Here, below, few tips for others and few notes for myself - it's never enough time to do everything that planned, so I would drop the list of wishes for the next year(s).

For you:
I don't care about palaces, baroque, Mozart and S. Stefan Cathedral - you can't miss it.

  • Pre-Christmas time in Vienna.
  • Inner Yards of inner districts.
  • Medeveal Vienna and my favorite church Maria am Gestade.
  • Stories of people, who made Vienna so Viennese: Freud, Klimt, Schiele, Loos, Wagner (architect), Moser, Maria Theresia and Habsburg Dynasty, Princess Sissi, Musicians: Mahler, Schubert, Strauss and Haydn; etc. List is too long... sorry
  • Whole Art Nouveau (= Jugendstil) treasure: not only style of art, but philosophy.
  • Hundertwasser!
  • Heurigen - taverns serving fresh-made local wine

For me:

  • To discover sturm (see the link) issue much deeper!
  • Prater Museum, 2., Address: Oswald Thomas Platz 1. Opened Fr-Su and holidays 10.00-13.00 and 14:00-18:00. 1st Sunday in the month: free admission.
  • Friday Night Skating (rollerblades) - http://wien.gruene.at/skater

Duncan J.D. Smith "Only in Vienna" - a Guide to Hidden Corners, Little Known Places and Unusual Objects.

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Tales from Vienna Woods

Sorry for bitten title, but I can't help - this is really the tale, I would like to rename it into "Tales of Vienna Woods"

semi-overcast 23 °C

The Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) is a forest massive, sitting on highlands (actually, there is a branch of the foothills of the Alps). Beautiful leavy forest, quite wild in the depth, Vienna Woods contains a network of marked hiking paths. Knowing me enough, you probably can imagine that I was trying to go through (no beaten tracks!), which is hardly possible to manage - because it only said "hills", there are mountain cracks, covered with jungle of greenery.


Being there before, we planned our track by clever way - arrived (with public transport! as it still counted Vienna) to the top (Leopoldsberg)of the hill and constantly went down to Cobenzl.


There is not only forest but wineyards and lots of Heuringen (tavernas, producting and selling only the wine made in the owner's vineyard), famous for fresh-made wine and very special athmosphere of drinking, eating and celebrating the life. This time we didn't go to Heuringen, but normally we do - at least once at season (September)


Wineyards in Kahlenberg.


Here is Schloss Cobenzl, which changed owners and names many times, being a private palace and Jesuit monastery, seen many of nobles and famous, and now it is a restaurant, owned by successful gastronome Olaf Auer.

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Naturhistoriches Museum Wien

Museum of Natural History

NHM - Wien Naturhistoriche is one of mirroring buildings in Ringstrasse. The second 'twin" is KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) - great collection of arts, one of the foremost in the world. Built in 19th cent, The Ring planning also included the project to bring together and show the vast imperial collections, so those buildings were constructed and decorated especially to serve as museums and followed the best architectural traditions of that time. Rich decorated interiors alone worth the visit and also I do like the park between those two museums, especially symmetric round fountains, benches and greenery.


I have to confess that I'm a frequent visitor in KHM (arts), but NHM is not exactly my thing - I'm not a big fun of stuffed animals. So visiting of this museum was kind of doubt, but I'm so glad that I did!


Their collection is really impressive, full, intelligent and, what I liked there, it was not "too much educational" - in the very good sense of this note. I quite hate when every object is described for visitor at the level of pre-school, especially suffering from it in art museums. I don't like to be stuffed with unnessesary information and banalities. But for those who wants to know - there are plenty of detailed information about every object & object, but it was proposed to know - not tutoring you how to see.

There are stoned shells

and stoned fish of pre-historic age.


Great collection of minerals (below)

Some of them named after birds, wearing same color.


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Doors and windows - collection of 2011

Have you seen this one?

And those?

in Vienna

  • Click on thumb to enlarge

vanessa037.jpg __Vienna_door_079.jpg typical_vi.._window.jpg __Etta_s__window_2_.jpg
1st_district__85-1_.jpg 100_3869-1.jpg

in Eisenstadt


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

Eisenstadt__97_.jpg Eisenstadt__91_.jpg
Eisenstadt__65_.jpg Eisenstadt__62_.jpg Eisenstadt__58_.jpg Eisenstadt__55_.jpg Eisenstadt__44_.jpg Eisenstadt__34_.jpg Eisenstadt__8_.jpg Eisenstadt__42_.jpg

in Tulln


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

P8150322.jpg Tulln__15_.jpg

in Grein


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Plachutta (heaven in the pot)

Meeting American friends near Monument of Russian Soldier

sunny 35 °C

What a surprise!
We met friends from States in Vienna's streets. Just as funny as it sounds, we didn't meet over 20 years, ocasionally keeping in touch on net, but not really planned anything together. And here they are, taking photos near monument of Russian Soldier and watching scateboarders at the platz near fontain.
Actually, this is a school-friend of A's brother, but A knows him for whole childhood.
They were going to dinner in Plachutta (too famous and expencive for us), bt we joined them and had lovely time together.
After a meal, which was really delicious, we had a walk in the center, showing to them our favorite places.


www.plachutta.at Wien, Wollzeile 38 Tel.: 01/512 15 77
Very popular, mentioned in every tourist guide, Plachutta symbolises all the best of typical Viennese cuisine. Definately it's a brand, but even being SO famous they are not spoiled. They keep exceptional cooking and perfect service.

Tenderest veal (who grew up in the alpine meadows, as stated in the menu), immersed in a fragrant broth, is fabulously delicious. The meat served in a gleaming copper pans /to keep it warm/; the waiter pours extra portions when you finished. Creamy spinach was emerald green and incredibly delicious, apple horseradish surpassed all expectations ... and foie gras, covered by a thin crust of transparent jelly ... was appropriate poetry or violin playing, but definately not eating of this masterpiece.

About the brain bone, from which the waiter took out the the gentlest content and carefully laid it out on toasted rye bread ... I would better shut up.

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The Third Skin in the Third District

More of Hundertwasser (new exhibition)

sunny 34 °C

"Man is surrounded by three layers, his skin, his clothing and walls, the building. Clothing and the walls of buildings have in recent times undergone a development which is no longer in keeping with the individual's natural requirements."
F.Hundertwasser, April, 1991

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of my absolute favorites. Artist, architector and free soul - he was born in Vienna in 1928th and has gone in 2000. Unfortunately before I could met him occasionally - ppl say that he was coming downstairs of his hous (into public space) to chat with visitors. He was increadiably interesting person, going through life like through one long-term adventure, frequently changing countries and addapting places under his green-world theory. I like his waving architecture, his multilayered paintings, his texts and his personality. I accept some acting in his behaving, because it was just part of the project and also because his enormous talent.

Each year I'm in Vienna and each year I visit Kunsthaus at least once. There are always beautiful exhibitions, but also the permanent exhibition is great. His paintings never could be "learned", ur never "done" with it, because each single glance u watch them - u find new things there. Not only new objects and other colors, but new ideas and other mood.

Being here hundreds of times I only now paid attention on shape of pilars on the street side. What like is it looking to you?

Kunsthaus inside is forbidden for photography. First I wanted to share with you few pics of the building, but decided to stop on couple of odd and unfamous frames. Feeling his art as somewhat very human and private I would like you discover it alone. It's very friendly and colorful at the first glance, but there are so much deeper layers and phylosophy once you return visitor, and each time endless pleasure as well...

:-) Here is the door leading to WC of cafe.
Cafe itself is open-air in the courtyard.

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Inner District

1st district of Vienna (= Inner District) - the heart of Vienna.

sunny 28 °C

You r wrong if you think you know it, it's never done.

House on Wipplinger Str - one which is just against the Altes Rathaus ( Altes Rathaus = The Old Cityhall)

This is Hohe Brucke (bruke = bridge). Ah, what a beautiful bridge! I know this area very well - it is in Mediveal part of Vienna, not far from my favorite church Maria am Gestade. But I discovered it just couple of days ago!

Am Hof is quite important square - the largest in the inner city of Vienna. History of the square goes back to the Roman era, when a garrison was built here. Then castle, built in 12th century and used as a residence of the dukes of Austria until 1220. Here is gothhic church under baroque facade (Kirche am Hof), Marian Column, with a statue of the Virgin Mary and figures of a lion, a serpent, a dragon and a basilisk (representing a fight against war, heresy, hunger and the Plague). Am Hof square is home for fire brigade (also novadays) & fire-brigade museum.

Parking carriage in somebody's private courtyard.

Unusual triangle flowerbed.

Fabrik of Imperial Linen - official supplier of linen to Imperial Family.

Sign of chimney sweep & vertical cloud.
BTW, meeting with with a chimney sweep should bring you luck!

This is very special.
The Ferstel Passage (also known as Freyung Passage), is an upscale arcade built by the Austrian architect Heinrich von Ferstel in 1860. It connects Freyung Str. with Herrengasse, coming at Herrengasse nearby to famous Cafe Central. Passage leads into small glass-covered courtyard of Ferstel Palace, with fontain in the center. Here is a Donaunixen (Danube waternymph), who holds a fish in her hand. Ferstel Palace was built for the Austro-Hungarian National Bank. Unlike other buildings of this time, the palace was named after the 27 years old architect, and not after the owners.


Three next photos (below) are taken in inner yard of Altes Rathaus (The Old City Hall). Here is Fontain of Andromeda, one of hidden jems of 1st district. Greek story says about brave Perseus who came to save Andromeda from evil animal. BTW, it happen in Jaffa (South Tel Aviv), historical stone is still there. I did couple of paintings of this place.

The second photo is a fragment: it's between Andromeda & dracoon - a while before arriving of Perseus.

But what the hell is this baroque angel is doing?


Click on the photo below - to see it large.
It's interesting one: plants near the doors are common, but tomatos are not really usual decoration - at least not in the city center.


Another interesting object is a Turkish cannonball from 1683!
(In Am Hof Square). Currently building is into the renovation and cannonball is hidden under building construction)


And finally, oh, those girls...


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- The Third District of Vienna (Landstraße)

New places to discover: Borromäus-Brunnen (fountain) and Russian Orthodox Church

It's kinda difficult to find new spots in the city which you feel like a home-town almost, but I am going through Vienna slowly, don't hurry to grab a bigger piece of cake (strudel?). Fabulous Vienna answers me with mutual sympathy, revealing to me her secret corners, pampering me with good wines and hearty foods; showing me balconies, wide staircases with curved handrails, roofs and cellars, vintage glasses dimly shining in a glass cabinet, and kind of peculiar indisputable integrity. Vienna never ceases to amaze me with her precision, intelligibility, clarity, self-esteem.

Here is another portion of Viennese cuisine:
Landstrasse - the 3rd district.
3rd district is famous for Arsenal and Belvedere Palace and for my absolutely favorite Kunsthaus Wien (Hundertwasser’s). There are few others baroque churches and palaces, Soviet War Memorial, etc. But today it’s not about them.

1st Follow me to Rochusgasse (metro U3) to see Borromäus-Brunnen an Karl Borromaus Platz. Lovely buildings around, and what a great surprise this brunnen (= fontain)!

Then we continue to Haus Wittgenstein (Austrian philosopher ) – building with very interesting historical background. The funny thing was, that we didn’t know what to expect, except of style of 1920th, and when came we didn’t recognise it, but put attention on weird building near – it was oversized, flat and fully covered with green ceramica.

The 3rd stop is for Russian Orthodox Church – the little brother of Vasilii Blazenni in Red Square in Moscow.

I missed: Museum of Art Fakes (near Hundertwasser’s) - never mind,next time will see and Baroque Palais Schwarzenberg – still owned by royal family, and who knows what else?

..... photos will b updated.....

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