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June 2013

the highlights

sunny 22 °C


Fabulous weather in Vienna in June!
Linden is blossoming with dizzying fragrant, flower covers and fresh-green all around.

In early June, the Danube (river) poured - and there was a serious flood. But they are reparing and washing the lines near water, taking out the trees, brought from Germany (?) by the river. It is getting shiny once again.



at June 15th on Ringstrasse (will therefore be closed to traffic).
From Heldenplatz at 2.00 pm against the flow of traffic (!) around the entire ring.

Vienna Jazz Festival from June 17th to July 10th

Free Open-Air Popfest at Karsplatz
Donauinselfest 21-23/06


Already couple of years, Vienna’s leading opera stage shows live performances on 50 m² LED video screen on the square in front of the Opera House. Free, of course.
But nothing as good as going to performance.
Here are spots in June 2013:
" Il barbiere di Siviglia " , which we unfortunately missed at 14/06,

the ballet "Don Quixote" by Rudolf Nurejew, Marius Petipa - only in this ending season.

"Don Quixote" was absolutely magic, outstanding, brilliant! It was such a delicious pleasure of colors and music and dance, and beautiful costumes, scenography and orcheography, that difficult even describe.

Then, Richard Wagner is 200 y.o. this year so "Die Walküre" (16 & 23/06) and "Tristan und Isolde" (18,22,26 & 30/06)
We went to hear "Tristan und Isolde" not in the theatre, but with this live-video out of Opera House.
With all respect to Wagner.. gosh.. it's soooooo long (and boring). How good that we didn't take tickets to the performance. Do you imagine about 5 hours of opera in German? Plus almost nothing happen, oversized Tristan sitting/staying/or lying in dramatic poses and sometimes he is singing too. But tomorrow (19/06) we hope to take a "Don Quixote". There are zero tickets available, we hope to take standing places. P.S. actually we did, see above <<<

"Capriccio" by Strauss 20,24 & 27/06 ... oh my God, what to choose?
Of course "Roméo et Juliette" in June 21th, 25th and 28th but Conductor is Plácido Domingo (!)

"Roméo et Juliette" was weird. Opera runs in French, scenography was kind of "modern", costumes and decorations minimal, again with elements of modern life (Romeo in jeans didn't fit my expectations). Juliette had a wonderful voice, but looked and acted not like medieval teenager from Verona, it was more alike soup-opera. And, it appeared that the main point was Placido Domingo - great singer... not a conductor. Public was so muc enthusiastic about him that almost forgot about Roméo et Juliette. Still.. :-) Wien Staatsoper - it's so awsome! It's always pleasure, always!

and finally Nurejew Gala 2013 29/06
to die, trying to make decision!

and then, something unusual will be shown on huge display on Rathausplatz: (29/06). Rolando Villazón's adaptation of the Donizetti opera "L'Elisir d'Amore in the Wild West" (2012) - he sings the part of Nemorino and also directs.

!!! Bosch-Bruegel-Rubens-Rembrandt in ALBERTINA till 30/06 only + few interesting exhibitions
and other art-events I didnt even checked up, will do it in next days - feel need to hurry, because it's June 15th already tomorrow!

We are painting (almost) daily. This summer is dedicated to prolonged watercolor plainair. All this is pretty much updated in our web-gallery and on FB (search for "VA Stashinski"). It takes most of our time, but that what we planned and wanted.


F1 on TV, as usual. Andre always up to, it's one of his very much facorite things.
Also Red Bull air-parade is in Austria this weekend (29-30/06), but it's not in Vienna, so we are going to see it on TV.
Not possible to catch more then you r able to. Our rollerblading is minor, hope to increase it in July. And that's because of few reasons. 1st of all it was a serious flood, which distroyed parts of "our island", it's getting better each day, but there are still lot of mess and river silt everywhere . Water was about 3m up. The second reason is instable weather - it was too hot, it was cold and rainy after. End of June is getting fine weather, but wind is agressive and it makes our sport activities difficult.


And there are more of small events, nice meetings and various tasks.
We collected linden blossom for upcoming winter. Gosh, how it flavors, how it flavors, you are moving in honey cloud, it's alike being a bee!

Last weekend seen Nina & Franz and cats. Love to go there, love to be with them.
Spent nice time with Angelika and Gabriel

Don't be shocked, Gabriel is a pirat!

as usual, we cook and we trying new tastes.
We addapted Aperol - so popular in Europe, with Prosecco and Prosecco alone is wonderful too!

If you doubt what you see on the last picture - it's not pineapple, but yellow (!!!) watermelon

Last year we discovered and loved Gruner Veltliner - wonderful white wine from Niederosterreich.

Fiaker: Named after horse-and-carriages, the Fiaker is a rather not-so-common drink of coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream.

Coffee in Vienna is always served with glass of water aside. Sometimes with another "additions" and spicies

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Doors and windows - collection of 2012

My treasures

This window with a bear is my favorite of Vienna 2012.


1st district
It's hard to believe that I can find something "new" in the 1st district, but at fact I do!


Walking through 18th and 9th districts
These districts are lying nearby. It sounds a bit confusing until you see the map of districts of Vienna and understand its logic. 23 districts of Vienna spiral out from the city center (1st district) in a clockwise manner. You can find the very clean explanation here.

AU_V_18th_..ict__1_.jpg AU_V_Gentgasse-99__2_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__24_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__25_.jpg AU_V_Gentz..__11-1_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__16_.jpg
The 9th district, that lies inside the ring, I know better. 18th district - Währing, lies in on the edge of the Vienna Woods. Währing is known today as one of Vienna’s wealthy districts, along with neighbouring Döbling and Hietzing. Konstantin lives there now, you can see more photos of Wahring in the day when we visited him, and also Türkenschanz Park belongs to there.

AU_V_Wahri..tr__21_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__4_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__3_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__18_.jpg

Architecture of Semmering is cute and organic to the landscape. Mini-collection of photos here is quite random, because the real pride of Semmering is not houses but the 42 km long Semmering Railway. It climbs through alpine pass, at an elevation of 2,930 feet (898 meters), between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag in southeastern Austria. Designed in 1843 and built between 1848-54, it is still in use. Awsome!

AU_Semmeri..ans__2_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ans__1_.jpg
Panhans Grand Hotel (on the photos above) was opened in 1888 by Vinzenz Panhans - the name of hotel comes from family-name of this Vinzenz, who, it said, was the legendary personality. Then the Viennese society discovers the Semmering. The train journey along steep rock faces, over staggering viaducts and galleries to the luxurious hotels becomes a spectacular experience. Oskar Kokoschka, Karl Kraus, Adolf Loos, Stefan Zweig and many others find their artistic inspirations in Semmering... etc.

AU_Semmering__7_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ch__10_.jpg 1__Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
You can see more of Semmering in my post from summer 2012.

A picturesque spa town in Upper Austria.

AU_Bad_Ischl_01.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_05.jpgAU_Bad_Ischl__4_.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_13.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl__12_.jpg AU_Bad_Isc.._15__1_.jpg


Windows from Schallaburg Renaissance Castle in Lower Austria. Click here to see more of Schallaburg.

AU_Schalaburg_win__2_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__8_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__9_.jpg


Nice town near the lake that pretends to be a place for vacation. Actually Gmunden is quite industrial, but still pretty. You may see more then doors & windows here.

AU_Gmunden_doors__4_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___2_.jpg AU_Gmunden_doors__1_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___4_.jpg


I came there for the castle, but suddenly not the castle's windows were my favorite ones.

AU_Laxenburg_door_lock.jpg __100_7307.jpgAU_Laxemburg_win__4_.jpg AU_Laxenburg_door__3_.jpg



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Last days - they are short days


Last days are running fast.
Packing and some meetings, last talks, preparation and stuff.
Last city-strolls.

(We) came to say hello (and thanks!) to Monika and Gerhard. I missed a moment to take their photo in the village, so here they are - in their city-apartment. My Austrians. Angelika was busy at work and we didn't meet additional time before the flight. But Gabriel was there. He is not in photos - cause he was in his "shy" mode. Never mind, I have other photos of them.


My last 2012 Vienna shots

__100_8268.jpg __100_8263.jpg __100_8267.jpg __100_8270.jpg __100_8271.jpg __100_8275.jpg __100_8279.jpg __100_8281.jpg __100_8319.jpg __V_shoes_Potini__1_.jpg

and the last pics from the island - it's not yet autumn, but summer has gone. Water is transparent and too cold for swimming

___100_8210.jpg ___100_8208_.jpg ___100_8223.jpg ___100_8238.jpg ___100_8213.jpg ___100_8199.jpg ___100_8214.jpg ___100_8218.jpg ___100_8192.jpg 4P1010041.jpg

Yesterday night we went to watch beavers! It wasn't easy in darkness but we seen them coming. Truly, I feel much less for them now then I used to do. They erase all trees on the island with monotonic callousness. I do understand that they have to eat for living, but why to damage each time another tree? It's annoying behaving.

biver__4_.jpg biver__3_.jpg
At another side I feel sorry for them. They supposed to be wild animals of countrysides, but they live in horrible conditions - it's not about lack of food, the area is green and very clean - both, ecologically and tidy. Another thing is disturbing. In night time all sound especially loud: disco-music from the club over the river is bumping the ears, train is rambling, ambulance is howling and if it was not enough - there are frequent helicopters in the sky.

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and walk through 18th district

rain 20 °C

Today we met Konstantin, bitten by a wasp, and with his GF Alex.

We knew about Alex for ages, and even staid once in her one-room apartment in the old University building, but never met personally. So, today it finally happen. The cute and spicy student-girl ("Crazy Paprica") grew up into the sharp lady with good manners, a successful lawer and a faithful companion of K.

K is still loaded with his business, bicycle rides and philosophical ideas. Alex, being more practical - as the most ladies are, cares for all the rest: house and socialising, family relations, all types of bureaucracy that have to be managed and the rest of tasks and activities on all levels of their life. Being a part of University society - type of like the Knights, I believe, K has privileges and rights and for sure also the duties. It made possible his prolonged stay in University Campus - really amazing and old (18th cent?) building, the same one where we staid in "Paprica"'s apartment in winter 2002. Now the building need the serious renovation - it begun to crumble into pieces and became not safe to live in, K&A were forced to move, and they moved into nice rented apartment in 18th district.

Replying on our compliments about bright and cozy apartment, they said in one voice: "Yes, it's very green area and nice place to live, but THE MOST IMPORTANT - it's 15 mins to the forest".
"To which forest?" - I re-asked, taken aback.
"To Wienna Wald" - they nodded in unison.
"Aha, I see..." - I said. I could hardly resist the silly comments alike "Did you switch into foresters or woodcutters?"
But they sound very serious and happy about the good choice they did, so I didn't spoil the happy moment.

Except of difficulties with business and the arm swollen from the bite, they make impression of happy people. They are cycling a lot, manage healthy lifestyle and both look good. I wanted to take a photo of them, but hesitated to ask for it - K said he really feels sick. We greeted him to feel well soon and left.

When we were in the place of K&A, the rain sropped, so we could to walk a bit. The photos are below.

__Gentzgas..0__crop.jpg __Gentzgasse__1-6_.jpg __Gentzgasse__16_.jpg __Gentzgasse__6-2_.jpg __12_Munchies__1_.jpg __12_Munchies__2_.jpg __Gentzgasse__5-2_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__3_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__5_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__9_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__10_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__12_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__16_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__22_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__17_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__28_.jpg __18th_district__1_.jpg __18th_district__4_.jpg __18th_district__2_.jpg __Fuchstha..sse__1_.jpg

If you ever come to Vienna and are interested in Art Nouveau railway architecture, you should take a ride along one of the most interesting urban railways - the remnants of Otto Wagner's Stadtbahn, built in 1893-1901. All that you need do - to take a day-ticket and grab your camera.

__Fuchstha..sse__5_.jpg __Schul_Gasse.jpg __Volksopera__1_.jpg __Gustav_Klimt.jpg __U6_-_Volksoper__1_.jpg __U6_-_Volksoper__2_.jpg

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The place, where trams are sleeping


In the way to Technical Museum (which is great!) we found
the place where trams are sleeping.
Exciting! :-)


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Work... but thinking of travels!

About positive Aussies and about Maria-the-bloodsucker.

overcast 18 °C

We are running from here two different projects.

The first project is design of Application (medical) for iPad. Application itself is serious, just business, I don't think it will be interesting for you. But the man after it - just a pleasure to have a business with! (He is) sharp, professional, determined, and pays in time!

The second project is illustration and translate (to English) of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of book series for beginner pianists. If you remember, the last summer I illustrated the 3rd book for adults.
I let you peep.

BOOK_1_cover__face.jpg BOOK_2_cover_face.jpg

Sample of translate - one of many (below)

Reflections on the Saint - Saens

I heard once a concert
Created by Saint-Saens,
Immediatly wanted
To send him révérence.

Fish jumped in the water
And played hide and seek,
But my confused fishy
Just bubbled instead of sing.

They doesnt make a pause,
They warp without sence
They sending their applause
To glorious Saint-Saens.

I cry my eyes with this project.
Maria - the tiny and breakable creature, so insecure, fearful and weak - she is a real blood-sucker! Not that she is meaning or nasty (better she would be!) but her disastrous ignorance and complete inability to articulate own thoughts frustrates me. I perform figures of eights in the air, trying to make up the poor raw material into something acceptable and it's like talking to the wall. I feel useless and used, I feel that I lose my time. It doesn't bring neither pleasure or satisfaction nor money (the low-cost project).
I beseech you, for your own good:
N E V E R - E V E R - D O - N O T work with Maria Rubin (Klugerman), a music teacher from Holon. This is one of the most frustrating cases in my 25-year career.


Except of being in Vienna, I travel around. You will find my travel-reports in this blog, and also updates of those that were visited in the past. Right now, in mid Aug, we relocate to another place in Vienna. We'll stay there for 2 weeks and then ... guess what?
:-) Yesss, we will be in the roads again.
Not exactly cause we wish to do, but we dont have a place to stay in Vienna. So, instead of paying expenses in Vienna we will pay it in other place(es).
We are looking for inexpensive but attractive road for two weeks 28/08-10/09, then we have to return to Vienna as we have a flight from Vienna at midnight September 12th - to 13th. Any suggestions are welcome!

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Museums of Vienna - free at Sundays

1st Sunday of each month many of Viennise museums opened for public for free.

sunny 25 °C

MOZART MUSEUM near Stephansdom appeared no free entrance anymore.

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) spent the last twelve years of his life in this house. The most important works of the composer’s old age were created in this last residence, including the two oratorios “The Creation” (1796–1798) and “The Seasons” (1799–1801). Haydn was the most famous composer in all of Europe in the final years of his life, so, this house have seen many celebs as a visitors.

Haydn came into the world exactly at the right time. Music, before he began to write, had descended to the dead level of the commonplace, for the best days of Bach and Handel were over, and the other living composers were but pigmies by comparison. It was Haydn’s province to give music a fresh direction, and to raise up from the old foundation a new style at once pleasing and ennobling.

Exsept of being brilliant musician, Haydn made money and he was good in calculation. His last (!) letter said: "Today April 1st I sold my beautiful fortepiano for 200 ducates"
Read here abt Haydn.

Kind of Historical museum, displays story of Vienna of all times.
I love there original sculptures from Stephansdom at the 1st floor (was photographing them last year) and Viennese Art around 1900 (Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Carl Moll, Rudolf Gerstl).

CLOCK MUSEUM aka Uhrenmuseum
I like this one very much. Beautiful building in lovely place (narrow streets and old church near, just 2 streets from Stephansdom), great collection of clocks of all sizes, shapes and origins. Mechanisms inside, tools, decorations.

0P1010086.jpg P8230033.jpg P8230044.jpg P8230049.jpg P8230043.jpg P8230030.jpg
I put here only few pics from this year, but year ago I couldn't stop to make more and more photos there.

P8230022.jpg P8230048.jpg 9P1010092.jpg
Variety is wider then one could imagine.

P8230061.jpg P1010084_2.jpg P8230035.jpg P8230025.jpg P8230015.jpg P8230055.jpg

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum - museum of Military History.

Big and very impressive collection of weapon.
Building is impressive as well.

Impressive (did I already mentioned this?)
It's a real paradise for boys of all ages, but all the rest of visitors will found lot of interesting objects and information.
I loved rich decorated arms, uniform of different times and armies, lotsa historical photos, various tents, plates and pots - presenting evolution of technology not worse then Technology Museum.

It's possible take photos inside for little payment - about 2 Euro.
Don't even think to combine this museum with another one at same day, watching collection of the Arsenal, even briefly, takes few hours and you r getting overloaded after, so give a rest to your mind. You'd better stay in the yard - building and all around really worth a proper watch, even military but nice architecture. Also it's not far from the Belvedere palace, so after such smooth and informative visit inside the walls you can spend lovely time visiting Belvedere garden, especially pleasant in summer time.

Address: Oswald Thomas Platz 1. (actually it's in the entrance to Prater Park, same building where planetarium)
Opened Fr-Su and holidays 10.00-13.00 and 14:00-18:00.
Small museum. Has a fascinating (at least fascinating me!) story at the background. I just been there the last Sunday (5/08/2012), will write couple of lines and update photos a bit later.

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Vienna by other eyes

sunny 29 °C

We met in Vienna our friends and spent a lovely day together.
Here is Vienna by their eyes - all photos are taken by I. Yacubovich.

Great photos indeed!

Aizek_wien__2_.jpg Aizek_wien__7_.jpg Aizek_wien__3_.jpg Aizek_wien__4_.jpg
Places are popular, but new eyes always see it by other way. I really enjoy seeing Vienna with his eyes.

Ruprechtskirche is the oldest church in the city

Karlsplatz- sooo "beaten" place with so-so reputation - suddenly looks solemn and magnificent!
The close-up at the right side below is also from Karlsplatz.

Aizek_wien__1_.jpg Karlsplatz__2_.jpg Hundertwasser.jpg Hundertwasser_leo.jpg
And here is unrivaled Hundertwasser!

kunsthisto..um__22_.jpg chwein.jpg E51F8C622219AC6817206AE55EB5F086.jpg Aizek_wien__5_.jpg

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Flea market in Vienna

sunny 28 °C

Every Saturday Nashmarkt turns into flea market. It's not exactly antique market, but still possible to find interesting things. Dusty postcards from times of WWI and even before, someone's antique dining set, wicker pram from rods, variety of medals and army uniforms, scare dols and other stuff.

AU_Vienna_..ket__1_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__2_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__4_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__5_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__7_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__8_.jpg

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Here I'm - in Vienna again.

About cats and flats, weather, fashion, work to do and etc.

overcast 20 °C

The quick shot inside the contemporary art piece in Schwarzenbergplatz (where The Soviet War Memorial, actually).
The very first days, we just arrived to Vienna.
100_6090.jpg 100_6092.jpg
Don't ask me why contemporary art always (?) look awful.
But Vienna is still beautiful.
100_6085.jpg 100_6084.jpg
... walking through Karlsplatz.

  • CATS

Also in this summer I'm a cat-sitter ( and also a house - plant - what ever - sitter). I care to two lovely cats here: one is my old friend, she is aging but still beautiful cat-lady. She is a sweet and a smart one, a bit manipulative and, if she dislikes something - she does not hesitate to demonstrate it. Such a lady! The only critical trick that she used to do last year and returned to it this year as well: she awakes me at 4:30am. Constantly. Yes, at daily base :-(
I can explain: being a delicate creature, she is not able to eat big portions, so she is getting hungry fast and need to feed her frequently. I understand all causes, but it doesn't help me to feel fit during the day. What is warming my heart - she appreciates my sacrifice. Don't laugh - she knows how to show it in very clear form. She is a very smart lady.

Andre gives her "the drugs" (special "cocktail" for retired cats) and she is very enthusiastic about it. There are energising components too and we didn't know it. In our first day here she received it at late evening and she went nuts! Then we learned to give it to her after breakfast ;-)

Actually I'm suspicious about the real reason of awakes - it seem to me that she just trying to come into the bedroom, to sleep in the human bed the morning hours. She used to it. Definately I don't accept, so I'm paying off while serving for her an early breakfast. However, she eats with gusto. Where is the one - there is the second one - my heart breaks at the sight of his hungry eyes!

This another cat is relatively new in this house - he lives here only for few months. He is sleek & shiny black, handsome, playful, affectionate and avaliable for friendship. He eats ... oh God! He is just a hoover! Yeah, he is ready to join any party anytime.
Usually he begins with his food, then he is taking a break "to support with shining of the pipkin of his fellow-lady", then he returns back to his own. Their food is of a good quality and smells very well. I guess it is tasty. Actually he eats everything - the owners told me that he stole from the table and gobbled a poppyseedcake with marzipan! He considers himself a great hero and always eager for a walk. Usually his heroism is ending in the 3rd floor entryway (we live in 5th floor), then he is getting stressed and quite happy to be taken back. He already discovered that there are no pipkins in the street, but he doesn't learn and yelling near the door when he has a chance to. He is curious, energetic, funny. Such a man!

Sometimes they make races in the apartment, sweeping away everything on the fly and spinning carpets into propellers. Sometimes they are rolling into the carpet alike sushi-style. You see, it's lot of fun here.


The forecast intrigues me, I'm a fan of cool weather, especially in summer. I love summer rains, but when it dry - I'm happy to rollerblade in the island. The great benefit of cloudy days - no sunblock cream needed. When it's hot - I combine skating with swimming in Danube. I make a break for swimming in this FKK beach, you have seen my reports about it before.

The first week in Vienna was terribly hot. Even when hot - it's still fresh mornings here, so early morning is my favorite time and the best time for manage anything. Dusk comes late, after 9pm, life is continuous also after 6pm - good time for a walk or what ever else.

Last days the weather switched into cool (about 18C) and even rainy! What a pleasure! As usual, I took very few of long-sleeve cloths, not believing that summer can cool down. At fact it is! :-)
I'm not really bothered, I enjoy it very much and prefer to feel a bit cool then to feel hot.

  • FOOD

It's refreshing switch to a bit different eating habits. When I'm in Vienna I use to eat lot of lovely cheeses, meats and excellent bread (unfortunately for my figure). I drink lot of local wines and also French & Italian wines. Not less but even more I enjoy apricots that sold in 5 kg buckets, and wild chanterelle mushrooms, avaliable in every supermarket at season. Austrian know to prepare outstanding chanterelle gulash - to die for! We are still cooking daily at home, mostly the Mediteranean cousine, that we are used to.



This year MAK ( the museum of Applied Arts art exposes lovely collection of decorative art, furniture, textil and, right now, Klimt's cartoons!) - this museum provides free admission on Tuesdays 18-22pm. Which is great possibily to see it in portions.

Here I have to make a break in my esse - because the lady-cat came for cuddling. To mention here, that I'm sitting in "her"chair, where she likes to sleep. It's the chair near the work-table in the office, where I use to work. We share it, yes.

We have many of "cultural programm" plans - mostly museums and various exhibitions, but I hope to catch the beginning of opera season in September, sure will get few concerts, may be even have opportunity for circus and/ or cinema. There are also few more places of interest that are not museums, but related to architecture or / and history and now I have my own "Only in Vienna" by Duncan J.D. Smith - my mommy purchaised it for me and I wanna use it fully.


Summer 2012 Viennese are dressing different. Watching them throught the years I mentioned especial elegance and hills for ladies, buttoned shirts, expensive bags and neatly pressed trousers for men and calm pastel colors for both. Summer 2012 came with bright colors, and, what is more significant - people got "stripped". Summer 2012 came with bright colors, and, what is more significant - people "stripped". Very short skirts and pantie-kind shorts, tiny T-shirts and flip-flops for girls, men are in shorts, still prefer shirts with buttons, but it can be comined with sandals or flip-flops as well. It's a big change for Vienna, which was classic and solid during ages.

But who am I for shopping advice? The variety is confusing.
Here is an enormous info-store of all kinds avaliable online, wien.info is just one of hundreds samples. The variety is confusing. Trendy, brandy, vintage, what ever styles are "waving" to you from every store-window.

This year I mentioned the very special fashion-store (chain of the stores, actually) that called Desigual. This is fashion for people who desire to be visible, to look different and to be unforgettable. It's forbidden to take photos in their stores (unfortunately, because stores interiors are outstanding designed as well), but you may peep into them in the Desigual web-site: www.desigual.com. One of Desigual stores is on Mariahilfer 57-59. Mariahilfer Straße is the paradise for shopaholic.

A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany (especially Bavaria – Liechtenstein, Austria, and South Tyrol) based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. Despite all of the above ('s true, I swear!) - Traditional dress is always actual in Austria. To walk in the street and to ride the subway, to dress it in special occasions (alike wedding or birthday), to wear it to theatre or just going with friends to the local beerhouse. Not for demonstration or pretending and nothing to do with nationalism issue - all this is as natural as buthing naked under the sun or walking in the mountains with sticks (alpine walking) in age of 90. It's going similar way in Germany (especially Bavaria) and in Tyrol.

100_6764_.jpg 100_6770_.jpg

That's me, dressing dirndl.
Lady in blue is my dearest mom.


I'm keeping the list of "have to do things" that I begun last year. There are things that I didn't complete or just discovered a while before leaving. I'll continue updating it there.

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Living in Vienna


Neither citisen nor tourist, I am living in Vienna few months a year.
It would be nice to speak German, but meantime I survive nicely with my English (shame!). Each time I return from Austria with few new words and impressions in German and probably one day I will speak, with no doing massive effort of lang. studies.
Here, below, few tips for others and few notes for myself - it's never enough time to do everything that planned, so I would drop the list of wishes for the next year(s).

For you:
I don't care about palaces, baroque, Mozart and S. Stefan Cathedral - you can't miss it.

  • Pre-Christmas time in Vienna.
  • Inner Yards of inner districts.
  • Medeveal Vienna and my favorite church Maria am Gestade.
  • Stories of people, who made Vienna so Viennese: Freud, Klimt, Schiele, Loos, Wagner (architect), Moser, Maria Theresia and Habsburg Dynasty, Princess Sissi, Musicians: Mahler, Schubert, Strauss and Haydn; etc. List is too long... sorry
  • Whole Art Nouveau (= Jugendstil) treasure: not only style of art, but philosophy.
  • Hundertwasser!
  • Heurigen - taverns serving fresh-made local wine

For me:

  • To discover sturm (see the link) issue much deeper!
  • Prater Museum, 2., Address: Oswald Thomas Platz 1. Opened Fr-Su and holidays 10.00-13.00 and 14:00-18:00. 1st Sunday in the month: free admission.
  • Friday Night Skating (rollerblades) - http://wien.gruene.at/skater

Duncan J.D. Smith "Only in Vienna" - a Guide to Hidden Corners, Little Known Places and Unusual Objects.

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Tales from Vienna Woods

Sorry for bitten title, but I can't help - this is really the tale, I would like to rename it into "Tales of Vienna Woods"

semi-overcast 23 °C

The Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) is a forest massive, sitting on highlands (actually, there is a branch of the foothills of the Alps). Beautiful leavy forest, quite wild in the depth, Vienna Woods contains a network of marked hiking paths. Knowing me enough, you probably can imagine that I was trying to go through (no beaten tracks!), which is hardly possible to manage - because it only said "hills", there are mountain cracks, covered with jungle of greenery.


Being there before, we planned our track by clever way - arrived (with public transport! as it still counted Vienna) to the top (Leopoldsberg)of the hill and constantly went down to Cobenzl.


There is not only forest but wineyards and lots of Heuringen (tavernas, producting and selling only the wine made in the owner's vineyard), famous for fresh-made wine and very special athmosphere of drinking, eating and celebrating the life. This time we didn't go to Heuringen, but normally we do - at least once at season (September)


Wineyards in Kahlenberg.


Here is Schloss Cobenzl, which changed owners and names many times, being a private palace and Jesuit monastery, seen many of nobles and famous, and now it is a restaurant, owned by successful gastronome Olaf Auer.

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Naturhistoriches Museum Wien

Museum of Natural History

NHM - Wien Naturhistoriche is one of mirroring buildings in Ringstrasse. The second 'twin" is KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) - great collection of arts, one of the foremost in the world. Built in 19th cent, The Ring planning also included the project to bring together and show the vast imperial collections, so those buildings were constructed and decorated especially to serve as museums and followed the best architectural traditions of that time. Rich decorated interiors alone worth the visit and also I do like the park between those two museums, especially symmetric round fountains, benches and greenery.


I have to confess that I'm a frequent visitor in KHM (arts), but NHM is not exactly my thing - I'm not a big fun of stuffed animals. So visiting of this museum was kind of doubt, but I'm so glad that I did!


Their collection is really impressive, full, intelligent and, what I liked there, it was not "too much educational" - in the very good sense of this note. I quite hate when every object is described for visitor at the level of pre-school, especially suffering from it in art museums. I don't like to be stuffed with unnessesary information and banalities. But for those who wants to know - there are plenty of detailed information about every object & object, but it was proposed to know - not tutoring you how to see.

There are stoned shells

and stoned fish of pre-historic age.


Great collection of minerals (below)

Some of them named after birds, wearing same color.


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Doors and windows - collection of 2011

Have you seen this one?

And those?

in Vienna

  • Click on thumb to enlarge

vanessa037.jpg __Vienna_door_079.jpg typical_vi.._window.jpg __Etta_s__window_2_.jpg
1st_district__85-1_.jpg 100_3869-1.jpg

in Eisenstadt


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

Eisenstadt__97_.jpg Eisenstadt__91_.jpg
Eisenstadt__65_.jpg Eisenstadt__62_.jpg Eisenstadt__58_.jpg Eisenstadt__55_.jpg Eisenstadt__44_.jpg Eisenstadt__34_.jpg Eisenstadt__8_.jpg Eisenstadt__42_.jpg

in Tulln


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

P8150322.jpg Tulln__15_.jpg

in Grein


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More of 1st district

can't stop


The next 4 photos are from Franziskaner Platz & church. It's my new discovery, one of "hidden under the nose" places - million times passed near and never been there before.


Lattice of French Embassy

Fresco @ Backerstrasse

Store in inner passage

Live music at Graben

Royal Court Sandler!

And finally door with horse handle

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