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About the circus. Also about Donau Insel and chilling with comfort.

sunny 29 °C

The second half of August is here -
should I feel the cold autumn breath?

__Donau_Insel__7_.jpg __Donau_Insel__25_.jpg __Donau_Insel__14-2_.jpg __Donau_Insel__23-4_.jpg
Actually, this week is hot and temperature is rising.. oh oh, no, I'm not happy with it! We are still skating and swimming daily, but I noticed yellow and red leaves, the smell of cut grass and end of the swimming season is visibly close.

__Donau_Insel__24_.jpg P1010016.jpg __Donau_Insel__30-1_.jpg __Donau_Insel__31_.jpg
Light became different and sky sometimes looks dramatic,
alike on today photos.

I enjoy this Danube time very much and don't mind it will last longer. My old skaters are almost collapsed, but I used to them and don't hurry to buy new pair. They also have very good wheels - relatively new ones, that I would not like to miss or exchange. I told you about this island, where we r skating, many times. Being so familiar with - some ppl even begun to say hello!, but I still having new impressions every day. The animal life is very impressive, and we like animal-watching and know to notice things. Also human life on the island is not less impressive. I like to watch characters, to listen to intonations, sometimes even to have a small talk. People, when they naked (nude beach, yeah) - they become more real then ever. I like they are so sunburned and natural. It's not such a thing like "Island Community", but, watching people here I found many (qualities) at common: They are friendly but unobtrusive, extremely neat, not loud, practical and know to make enviroment comfortable.

__Donau_Insel__26_.jpg __Donau_Insel_WC__3_.jpg
At the left: a machine that clean the bottom of the slime and other aquatic vegetation.
Right photo: just WC (one of many on the island). I like its design.

BTW, about comfort: I don't know another nation that knows to organise own life in so intelligent way. It can be seen in many levels of human being - from public toilets to masterly folded firewood. In the nature their habit of comfort excites and misleads me. Many come from far away. Regardless of their age, they bravely pedaling a bike (and others are roller-skating or going on foot). They caressing folding camp bed with attached tent, often also radio, small pillow and book to read - which is quite normal. But sometimes people bring with them half of house equipment, making not ordinary choice of objects,nesessary for sunbassing. I have seen there a mop - to wash the slime from the steps leading to water, a watering can - to water the grass near the river, others come with comfortable wagons for transportation of short-legs pets, etc. But the first place of originality and unpredictability certainly need to give to the thermometer hanging on the tree!

Last days passed with no significant events: same skating-swimming mornings, some walks around, little this, little that. Couple of days ago I met Angelika and Gabriel. We went together to the exhibiton "The Circus as a Parallel Universe ".

I love the circus, and therefore interested in everything connected with it. the exhibition was eclectic but not bad. Some objects where cute and funny - like elephant of a real size, hanging a foot above the floor, with trunk stuck in the wall. Stuffed halflion - halfzebra was masterly executed. Other exhibits - such as dried mermaid and various monsters were creepy.

elephant.jpg dried_up_mermide.jpg
I got impression that the exhibition was a marketial act for saling the book. What ever. Photography was prohibited so I found online some photos and video on youtube.

Ottinger_U..en_1981.jpg gone__shoes_.jpg lion-zebra_mixture.jpg
... wonders and clowns, how they could be missed?
clown.jpg anywhere_b.._clown_.jpg

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