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June 2013

the highlights

sunny 22 °C


Fabulous weather in Vienna in June!
Linden is blossoming with dizzying fragrant, flower covers and fresh-green all around.

In early June, the Danube (river) poured - and there was a serious flood. But they are reparing and washing the lines near water, taking out the trees, brought from Germany (?) by the river. It is getting shiny once again.



at June 15th on Ringstrasse (will therefore be closed to traffic).
From Heldenplatz at 2.00 pm against the flow of traffic (!) around the entire ring.

Vienna Jazz Festival from June 17th to July 10th

Free Open-Air Popfest at Karsplatz
Donauinselfest 21-23/06


Already couple of years, Vienna’s leading opera stage shows live performances on 50 m² LED video screen on the square in front of the Opera House. Free, of course.
But nothing as good as going to performance.
Here are spots in June 2013:
" Il barbiere di Siviglia " , which we unfortunately missed at 14/06,

the ballet "Don Quixote" by Rudolf Nurejew, Marius Petipa - only in this ending season.

"Don Quixote" was absolutely magic, outstanding, brilliant! It was such a delicious pleasure of colors and music and dance, and beautiful costumes, scenography and orcheography, that difficult even describe.

Then, Richard Wagner is 200 y.o. this year so "Die Walküre" (16 & 23/06) and "Tristan und Isolde" (18,22,26 & 30/06)
We went to hear "Tristan und Isolde" not in the theatre, but with this live-video out of Opera House.
With all respect to Wagner.. gosh.. it's soooooo long (and boring). How good that we didn't take tickets to the performance. Do you imagine about 5 hours of opera in German? Plus almost nothing happen, oversized Tristan sitting/staying/or lying in dramatic poses and sometimes he is singing too. But tomorrow (19/06) we hope to take a "Don Quixote". There are zero tickets available, we hope to take standing places. P.S. actually we did, see above <<<

"Capriccio" by Strauss 20,24 & 27/06 ... oh my God, what to choose?
Of course "Roméo et Juliette" in June 21th, 25th and 28th but Conductor is Plácido Domingo (!)

"Roméo et Juliette" was weird. Opera runs in French, scenography was kind of "modern", costumes and decorations minimal, again with elements of modern life (Romeo in jeans didn't fit my expectations). Juliette had a wonderful voice, but looked and acted not like medieval teenager from Verona, it was more alike soup-opera. And, it appeared that the main point was Placido Domingo - great singer... not a conductor. Public was so muc enthusiastic about him that almost forgot about Roméo et Juliette. Still.. :-) Wien Staatsoper - it's so awsome! It's always pleasure, always!

and finally Nurejew Gala 2013 29/06
to die, trying to make decision!

and then, something unusual will be shown on huge display on Rathausplatz: (29/06). Rolando Villazón's adaptation of the Donizetti opera "L'Elisir d'Amore in the Wild West" (2012) - he sings the part of Nemorino and also directs.

!!! Bosch-Bruegel-Rubens-Rembrandt in ALBERTINA till 30/06 only + few interesting exhibitions
and other art-events I didnt even checked up, will do it in next days - feel need to hurry, because it's June 15th already tomorrow!

We are painting (almost) daily. This summer is dedicated to prolonged watercolor plainair. All this is pretty much updated in our web-gallery and on FB (search for "VA Stashinski"). It takes most of our time, but that what we planned and wanted.


F1 on TV, as usual. Andre always up to, it's one of his very much facorite things.
Also Red Bull air-parade is in Austria this weekend (29-30/06), but it's not in Vienna, so we are going to see it on TV.
Not possible to catch more then you r able to. Our rollerblading is minor, hope to increase it in July. And that's because of few reasons. 1st of all it was a serious flood, which distroyed parts of "our island", it's getting better each day, but there are still lot of mess and river silt everywhere . Water was about 3m up. The second reason is instable weather - it was too hot, it was cold and rainy after. End of June is getting fine weather, but wind is agressive and it makes our sport activities difficult.


And there are more of small events, nice meetings and various tasks.
We collected linden blossom for upcoming winter. Gosh, how it flavors, how it flavors, you are moving in honey cloud, it's alike being a bee!

Last weekend seen Nina & Franz and cats. Love to go there, love to be with them.
Spent nice time with Angelika and Gabriel

Don't be shocked, Gabriel is a pirat!

as usual, we cook and we trying new tastes.
We addapted Aperol - so popular in Europe, with Prosecco and Prosecco alone is wonderful too!

If you doubt what you see on the last picture - it's not pineapple, but yellow (!!!) watermelon

Last year we discovered and loved Gruner Veltliner - wonderful white wine from Niederosterreich.

Fiaker: Named after horse-and-carriages, the Fiaker is a rather not-so-common drink of coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream.

Coffee in Vienna is always served with glass of water aside. Sometimes with another "additions" and spicies

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Work... but thinking of travels!

About positive Aussies and about Maria-the-bloodsucker.

overcast 18 °C

We are running from here two different projects.

The first project is design of Application (medical) for iPad. Application itself is serious, just business, I don't think it will be interesting for you. But the man after it - just a pleasure to have a business with! (He is) sharp, professional, determined, and pays in time!

The second project is illustration and translate (to English) of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of book series for beginner pianists. If you remember, the last summer I illustrated the 3rd book for adults.
I let you peep.

BOOK_1_cover__face.jpg BOOK_2_cover_face.jpg

Sample of translate - one of many (below)

Reflections on the Saint - Saens

I heard once a concert
Created by Saint-Saens,
Immediatly wanted
To send him révérence.

Fish jumped in the water
And played hide and seek,
But my confused fishy
Just bubbled instead of sing.

They doesnt make a pause,
They warp without sence
They sending their applause
To glorious Saint-Saens.

I cry my eyes with this project.
Maria - the tiny and breakable creature, so insecure, fearful and weak - she is a real blood-sucker! Not that she is meaning or nasty (better she would be!) but her disastrous ignorance and complete inability to articulate own thoughts frustrates me. I perform figures of eights in the air, trying to make up the poor raw material into something acceptable and it's like talking to the wall. I feel useless and used, I feel that I lose my time. It doesn't bring neither pleasure or satisfaction nor money (the low-cost project).
I beseech you, for your own good:
N E V E R - E V E R - D O - N O T work with Maria Rubin (Klugerman), a music teacher from Holon. This is one of the most frustrating cases in my 25-year career.


Except of being in Vienna, I travel around. You will find my travel-reports in this blog, and also updates of those that were visited in the past. Right now, in mid Aug, we relocate to another place in Vienna. We'll stay there for 2 weeks and then ... guess what?
:-) Yesss, we will be in the roads again.
Not exactly cause we wish to do, but we dont have a place to stay in Vienna. So, instead of paying expenses in Vienna we will pay it in other place(es).
We are looking for inexpensive but attractive road for two weeks 28/08-10/09, then we have to return to Vienna as we have a flight from Vienna at midnight September 12th - to 13th. Any suggestions are welcome!

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House of Music

another great museum

sunny 27 °C

Fresh updates from summer 2012:
Classical Sundays - there are free concerts of classical music each Sunday at 15:30. Playing violin and piano.
Very nice indeed!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


As I already mentioned, I visited Vienna many times and even lived here for months. I think I know the city pretty well. But there are always something else to explore.
House of Music (Haus der Musik) is fantastic interactive museum for music-lovers. It's all about sound, you can "cook" your own music, make voices, touch instruments and listen to various noises: from Mozart (yeah.. once again) and Haydn to New York street and Turkish mountain vilage. Impressive, must for families with young children and reccomended for everybody.


HAUS DER MUSIK Betriebsges.m.b.H.
Seilerstätte 30
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. ++43-1-513 48 50
Fax ++43-1-512 03 15
Website: http://www.hdm.at/
E-Mail: info@hdm.at

OPENING TIMES: daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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