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Tracking in Rax mountains

Did you ever try the barefoot hiking in Alps?

sunny 23 °C

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The Rax is a mountain range at the border of the Austrian federal provinces Lower Austria and Styria, situated in the Northern Limestone Alps. Rax is relatively easy reachable from Vienna by train. Then a shuttle - free during the day time, will take you to the lift at foot of the mountain massive. About 20 mins in the ski-lift -- it's almost vertical and supplies great views.

__100_8086.jpg __100_8089.jpg __100_8113.jpg __100_8079.jpg
At the top - alike everywhere in Austria, extensive / advanced infrastructure of all kinds of mountain activities: for hiking, for climbing, for skiing, for sleds, for children, for adults, for hungry and for thirsty people. You may find their just everything you need for successful day in mountains.

__100_8068.jpg __100_8151.jpg __100_8082.jpg __100_8083.jpg __100_8071.jpg __100_8106.jpg
We came there for hiking.

Very soon we found that my mom lost her soles. They just had fallen off of her expensive Italian mountain boots. She hobbled on mountain path, keeping the soles in her hands. Happily it happen on the plateau, which is almost flat and not on a vertical "goat trail". Roger was exceedingly worried look, he held her by the elbow. Occasionally his foot were slipping (as he wore inappropriate shoes) and then he was hunging up on her.

Normally I scold Andre for the habit to pick up "the rubbish", but now those multi-proposal plastic bands that he found on the ground couple of days ago - they were very handy. Being a worthy companion to my husband, I kept a sharp kitchen knife in the bag - to cut tomatoes. Don't forget that we were far from home and from all our equipment, so we should to improvise. Andre attached the soles back to the shoes rather quickly and they begun "walkable" again ... for some time.Definately, for barefood person the most reasonable was to go down by lift, but my heroic mother, warmed by not less heroic Roger, rejected the idea. What ever. After short walk on the plateau we begun the descent. Descent certainly easier than climbing, but I assure you, it was nevertheless serious enough even to our trained legs. There is an Austrian "light/medium trail" and it's nothing to do there for other nations. Austrians are born for mountain hiking. All of them. They are doing it from the birth to death, during whole their lives, they enjoy it - I have seen their shining eyes, they are singing in the way. They know what to eat when they arrive a heurige in the mid-way and to hold a pint of cold beer in never-trembling hands.

Our not-drinking and not-walking companions overestimated their capabilities. Clearly. But at that moment no one of us knew it yet.

__100_8103.jpg __100_8117.jpg __100_8143.jpg __100_8138.jpg
I will not bore you with all the details of this surrealistic trip through mountain forest. The trail was steep, sometimes even slippy, it took about 5 hours. My mom didn't complain a word, but when we arrived the mountain foot (relatively flat place, but not yet the end of the road) - her shoes were the completely no soles and her knees bended. Roger did endless number of ass-falls during the way, but, thanks God, didn't brake anything. And we - we found mushrooms. Eatable. We have eat them and still alive - you see, I even able to write this blog post. When we came to the road - it was too late for shuttle but we caught the last bus running to the train station. We reached the city in night. The happy end.


I liked the place and I think it worth the second visit - just Andre and me, alone


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Sunday in Semmering

Good air, very nice place

sunny 30 °C

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Sunday we spent in Semmering -
the ski resort attached to the little town.

It said in winter it's quite crowded, because good slops, good facilities and location - short distance from Vienna. All this makes Semmering very attractive for people who want to ski a day off or just after work (slops are lightened) and return to sleep at home.

__100_7460.jpg __100_7411.jpg __1900__1_.jpg __1900__3_.jpg
Except of normal for ski-resort activities (lifts, mountain view and tracks for hiking in summer time) Semmering proposes wealthy-healthy activities.

__1900__6_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__18_.jpg __P1010083.jpg __Semmerin..rch__7_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__10_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
Indeed town itself is very nice.

__Bahn_Hotel__17_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__24_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__19-2_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__21-1_.jpg
Here is big and impressive Bahn Hotel (= "Road Hotel") on the photos above. Unfortunatelly it is abadoned now, I hope will be renovated.

__Panhans__1_.jpg __Panhans__2_.jpg __Panhans__3_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__3_.jpg
Historical Panhans Hotel is still in working condition, active and alive.

__Semmerin..h__1-1_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__2_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__8_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__6_.jpg __P1010088.jpg __P1010106.jpg __P1010033.jpg __P1010037.jpg

One more photo of Semmering


Walking in the street, we have seen the poster of art exhibition and entered to see. It was named "Movement", running August 11 - August 31, 2012 in the ground floor of artist's private house - in Villa Alpenheim. The artist - Anna Einser, small lady with manly-firm handshake, greeted us and guided us personally. She is a wonderful artist, I really loved her works. Unfortunatelly I wasn't allowed to photograph and it's so pity! I would like to share it with you.
The next exhibition of Anna Einser is planned for November 2012 in Purkersdorf (not far from Vienna).

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rain 17 °C

Obertraun is a village in the Salzkammergut. It's nothing special about the village itself: very beautiful, pastoral and cleanly - as elsewhere in Austria. In short, nothing extraordinary, yet delightful.

The river Traun and the lake...


So much fun for kids! BTW, it was about +17C, cool and rainy day, but I don't think anyone mind it!


__Obertraun__51_.jpg __Obertraun__22_.jpg__Obertraun__76_.jpg __Obertraun__20_.jpg __Obertraun__7_.jpg __Obertraun__12_.jpg

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