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Leaving tomorrow

so there are last calls and appointments

overcast 21 °C

Yesterday said hello to Monika and her family,


Nina called to say good bye on phone, Franz felt not well last week, so we didn't meet additional time.
But this summer we really met a lot and even did 2 very nice trips out of Vienna.


We have been in Setagaya Park. It's so many parks in Vienna, that Japaneese Park is almost hidden.

With K we ciao-ed on skype, he was busy, we were busy. Also we met this year couple of times and it was nice to do. He is an interesting guy, i like his mind.
(no photo)

Gleb took us to NatureHistorishen Museum, where we never been before. So, many thanks to him about this! This year we met briefly - we were in movement during all the summer, they were abroad as well.

With other people we met earlier or spoke on phone.
Summer passed so fast!

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Sturm /Austrian name of wine,in other places in Central Europe it has other names/ is something between juice and wine, may be more wine, but still in the fermentation stage. Sturm is semi-transparent and very fruity, normally 5-10% alcohol. It feels like a juice and easy-drinkable, until you r trying to get up... aha, here is a surprise, your balance is not working, and you walk like being on the ship. Well, all depends of how "stormy" you are :-) But what is really happen, being the only 5% alc., this drink continuous fermentation while in your stomach, so it's getting stronger and stronger with every minute, without your ability to manage the process.


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How we didn't meet

Feeling like I'm a villager

sunny 28 °C

Ouch.. was supposed to meet with friend (K) for lunch in very central place - at Neubau, but didnt.
I dont even know where from to begin, because all reasons of our no-meeting are silly (one sillier then another)
This lunch was delayed several times and finally came to this Sunday. Allright, we got ready and went there for advance - cuz were not sure how long the way takes. A while before the meeting mobile phone suddenly lost connection and, trying to repair, we switched it (device) off.
Here it begins...
At this point K sent SMS with update of time, but we didn't receive - mobile was locked, to open it need pin-code (it's common thing here, in Austria). We couldnt operate, because it's mobile of my mom and she - she wasn't avaliable: she is currently in US and moving apartment (no internet while moving). We stuck with no connection to the world for a while - which normaly doesnt bother us too much, but not today!
Aha, in this apartment we also didn't have internet and couldnt check up the place and location.

We came to Neubau earlier, because were not sure about location... went through and ... didn't find "Cafe Latte". What a shame! We were near nu 38 and turn back from there, and "Cafe Latte" is at nu 39..... I understood it near MariaHilfer (main shopping street), so we returned there, trying to figure which one it could be (in the case that i was wrong about name) and we decided that it only could b Cafe Ritter, which is at the entrance to Neubau and right against Neubau Underground entrance. (Only Starbucks was opened nearby, but it was said "it's nice restaurant", so Starbucks clearly couldnt be). Afer some waiting near Ritter I thought that may be K understood 2pm and not 1pm.. so we walked around a bit and returned to Neubau at 2pm. Waited for some more... walked among the street .. till Cafe Lambada at nu.38 ( almost got there!!!!!!!!!!!)... and returned home - confused and hungry.

While waiting near Ritter, we were evidents to unusual (for Austrians) behaving of retarded family: teenage girl yelled while crossing the street there and back, her little bro behaved annoying and their father smoked pipe, sitting on the bench of th bus stop. Everybody paid attention, some commented and waiters of Ritter even tried to stop their unsocial behaving.

Our mobile was not in use until night, when we received a pincode from US and got the update message from the noon...
Then, it took another couple of hours until telephone begun to work - it set on wrong ("additional") net and was not able to make a call...
Ufffffff..... What a mess!

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