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Stift (Abbey) Klosterneuburg - just 20 mins from Vienna

storm 18 °C

Klosterneuburg (Austrians prononce it beautifully) is a small historical town, situated immediately north of Vienna, after Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg hills (They are famous Wienna Walds). Easy to reach with train or bus, and, even easier by car. Nice architecture, wineries and church.

But the real pearl is 900 y.o. Stift Klosterneuburg (Klosterneuburg Monastery) with its winery, art collection, Cultural Heritage, sumptuously decorated rooms and concerts of live music.

__P8110169.jpg __P8110175.jpg__P8110188.jpg __P8110205.jpg__P8110173.jpg __P8110262.jpg

Town itself is little and half an hour is enough for a walk through the center, but Stift is very big and interesting. Part of it you can explore yourself, listening to radio-guide. But other places can visit only with guided tour. Normally it's in German, which I don't know, so in Wine Cellars I was bored. But sacre-tour included various "hidden" places, the guide opened them with the key and locked after us again. Also we were alone, with no group, and she was talking English - really interesting.

__100_7344.jpg __100_7343.jpg__P8110148.jpg __100_7370.jpg
Original Hungarian Crown and ... decorated skulls of VIP persones.

__P8110258.jpg __P8110253.jpg
The clock in Imperial Rooms (photo from the right) has holes from bullets - the traces of Russian occupation.

I came to conclusion that the pearls of the Klosterneuburg Abbey are the treasury-collection, the sacre-tour and winery. All the rest: the palace, the museum, garden and etc - are less important but, accompanied by the rich historical heritage, all this together is a good reason to visit and to enjoy.

__P8110181.jpg __P8110261.jpg __100_7345.jpg __P8110119.jpg __P8110116.jpg ___P8110126.jpg
These are my favorite, outstanding art nouveau pieces.

__P8110277.jpg __P8110270.jpg __P8110267.jpg
Museum - art collection of the abbey. They also have collection of contemporary art, but it's boring and unworthy of attention.
And the last that I want to mention is the wooden sculpture of Jesus (below). Here is the rare combination of great knowledge of anatomy and still live emotion - perhaps the sculptor was a very religious man.

__P8110307.jpg __P8110312.jpg __P8110313.jpg __P8110315.jpg

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Week of mad weather (22-28/08/2011)

sunny 34 °C

Do you call it August?
Come on, it's the last summer week and supposed to be more cooler - kinda saying goodbye to the summer. Instead, it suddenly changed to crazy heath! If feels like a desert, I think it's over 40C in the sun and 34C (reported) in shadow. Nights are also warm. AC are not (not yet) popular here... maaannnn... it's too bad!
Brave and toned Austrians continue to bicycle and to make kms of nordic walk; more then this: they continue to dress elegant - it looks like they don't mind the weather and even enjoy it! Andre suffers and complains loudly. Usually I'm the one who moaning about the heath, but this time I manage... well,... it's kind of managing in conditions of toaster-oven. Ja, ja, I feel cooked! The clear benefit is warm river water. We are swimming daily. Also (we r) rollerblading almost daily - at the mornings, when it's not too hot. Once again we are living in the little apartment of my mom's: near Danube and in bridge distance from the 24km-long island, which is great for rollerblading. It would be a crime - to miss this perfect conditions, so I don't. Rollerblading gets around 2,5-3 hrs/ a day, includes swimming and some eventual sunbathing. Then return home - rush into cold shower and lunching. Afternoon can vary. Everyday we have another plan, going here and there, but at general just looking for escape into cooler place.

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