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Dürer-Cranach-Holbein: German Portrait in KHM

KHM = Kunsthistorisches Museum

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Here is lovely exhibition of portraits (Dürer - Cranach - Holbein) that named "The Discovery of Man: the German Portrait around 1500".
I like all three of them, hard to say which one more - they all are exceptional and different from each other: perfectly clear (faces of) Durer can't be compared to Attractively-Sick portraits of Cranach and sure not to harsh models of Holbein. Anyway, taking pictures in exhibition was not allowed, so no photos here.

KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) itself is worth a visit of every art-lover. I have been here numerous times and I'm able to stay for half a day against any Bruegel or Lotto, usually until I arrive enormous Rubens my legs already can't support my staying and slow walk and I fall down in museum buffet for coffee or something more then it.
KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) exposes great collection of arts, one of the foremost in the world. But building itself worth a proper look. Built in end of 19th cent for keeping (and showing to mass!) vast imperial collection, it is the one of mirroring buildings in Ringstrasse. The second 'twin" is NHM (NaturHistorichen), and it's lovely garden between them. Especially I like fountains and benches there

.... will upload photo, if will find them...

Building is very spacious, royal, rich decorated (incl. frescoes of G.Klimt!) and well-kept and described (in numerous brochures available for free at entrance and in info-kiosks).

Here are some details of interior - sorry for poor quality.


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The Third Skin in the Third District

More of Hundertwasser (new exhibition)

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"Man is surrounded by three layers, his skin, his clothing and walls, the building. Clothing and the walls of buildings have in recent times undergone a development which is no longer in keeping with the individual's natural requirements."
F.Hundertwasser, April, 1991

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of my absolute favorites. Artist, architector and free soul - he was born in Vienna in 1928th and has gone in 2000. Unfortunately before I could met him occasionally - ppl say that he was coming downstairs of his hous (into public space) to chat with visitors. He was increadiably interesting person, going through life like through one long-term adventure, frequently changing countries and addapting places under his green-world theory. I like his waving architecture, his multilayered paintings, his texts and his personality. I accept some acting in his behaving, because it was just part of the project and also because his enormous talent.

Each year I'm in Vienna and each year I visit Kunsthaus at least once. There are always beautiful exhibitions, but also the permanent exhibition is great. His paintings never could be "learned", ur never "done" with it, because each single glance u watch them - u find new things there. Not only new objects and other colors, but new ideas and other mood.

Being here hundreds of times I only now paid attention on shape of pilars on the street side. What like is it looking to you?

Kunsthaus inside is forbidden for photography. First I wanted to share with you few pics of the building, but decided to stop on couple of odd and unfamous frames. Feeling his art as somewhat very human and private I would like you discover it alone. It's very friendly and colorful at the first glance, but there are so much deeper layers and phylosophy once you return visitor, and each time endless pleasure as well...

:-) Here is the door leading to WC of cafe.
Cafe itself is open-air in the courtyard.

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