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Doors and windows - collection of 2012

My treasures

This window with a bear is my favorite of Vienna 2012.


1st district
It's hard to believe that I can find something "new" in the 1st district, but at fact I do!


Walking through 18th and 9th districts
These districts are lying nearby. It sounds a bit confusing until you see the map of districts of Vienna and understand its logic. 23 districts of Vienna spiral out from the city center (1st district) in a clockwise manner. You can find the very clean explanation here.

AU_V_18th_..ict__1_.jpg AU_V_Gentgasse-99__2_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__24_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__25_.jpg AU_V_Gentz..__11-1_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__16_.jpg
The 9th district, that lies inside the ring, I know better. 18th district - Währing, lies in on the edge of the Vienna Woods. Währing is known today as one of Vienna’s wealthy districts, along with neighbouring Döbling and Hietzing. Konstantin lives there now, you can see more photos of Wahring in the day when we visited him, and also Türkenschanz Park belongs to there.

AU_V_Wahri..tr__21_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__4_.jpg AU_V_18th_..ict__3_.jpg AU_V_Wahri..tr__18_.jpg

Architecture of Semmering is cute and organic to the landscape. Mini-collection of photos here is quite random, because the real pride of Semmering is not houses but the 42 km long Semmering Railway. It climbs through alpine pass, at an elevation of 2,930 feet (898 meters), between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag in southeastern Austria. Designed in 1843 and built between 1848-54, it is still in use. Awsome!

AU_Semmeri..ans__2_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ans__1_.jpg
Panhans Grand Hotel (on the photos above) was opened in 1888 by Vinzenz Panhans - the name of hotel comes from family-name of this Vinzenz, who, it said, was the legendary personality. Then the Viennese society discovers the Semmering. The train journey along steep rock faces, over staggering viaducts and galleries to the luxurious hotels becomes a spectacular experience. Oskar Kokoschka, Karl Kraus, Adolf Loos, Stefan Zweig and many others find their artistic inspirations in Semmering... etc.

AU_Semmering__7_.jpg AU_Semmeri..ch__10_.jpg 1__Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
You can see more of Semmering in my post from summer 2012.

A picturesque spa town in Upper Austria.

AU_Bad_Ischl_01.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_05.jpgAU_Bad_Ischl__4_.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl_13.jpg AU_Bad_Ischl__12_.jpg AU_Bad_Isc.._15__1_.jpg


Windows from Schallaburg Renaissance Castle in Lower Austria. Click here to see more of Schallaburg.

AU_Schalaburg_win__2_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__8_.jpg AU_Schalaburg_win__9_.jpg


Nice town near the lake that pretends to be a place for vacation. Actually Gmunden is quite industrial, but still pretty. You may see more then doors & windows here.

AU_Gmunden_doors__4_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___2_.jpg AU_Gmunden_doors__1_.jpg AU_Gmunden_win___4_.jpg


I came there for the castle, but suddenly not the castle's windows were my favorite ones.

AU_Laxenburg_door_lock.jpg __100_7307.jpgAU_Laxemburg_win__4_.jpg AU_Laxenburg_door__3_.jpg



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Doors and windows - collection of 2011

Have you seen this one?

And those?

in Vienna

  • Click on thumb to enlarge

vanessa037.jpg __Vienna_door_079.jpg typical_vi.._window.jpg __Etta_s__window_2_.jpg
1st_district__85-1_.jpg 100_3869-1.jpg

in Eisenstadt


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

Eisenstadt__97_.jpg Eisenstadt__91_.jpg
Eisenstadt__65_.jpg Eisenstadt__62_.jpg Eisenstadt__58_.jpg Eisenstadt__55_.jpg Eisenstadt__44_.jpg Eisenstadt__34_.jpg Eisenstadt__8_.jpg Eisenstadt__42_.jpg

in Tulln


  • Click on thumb to enlarge

P8150322.jpg Tulln__15_.jpg

in Grein


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Inner District

1st district of Vienna (= Inner District) - the heart of Vienna.

sunny 28 °C

You r wrong if you think you know it, it's never done.

House on Wipplinger Str - one which is just against the Altes Rathaus ( Altes Rathaus = The Old Cityhall)

This is Hohe Brucke (bruke = bridge). Ah, what a beautiful bridge! I know this area very well - it is in Mediveal part of Vienna, not far from my favorite church Maria am Gestade. But I discovered it just couple of days ago!

Am Hof is quite important square - the largest in the inner city of Vienna. History of the square goes back to the Roman era, when a garrison was built here. Then castle, built in 12th century and used as a residence of the dukes of Austria until 1220. Here is gothhic church under baroque facade (Kirche am Hof), Marian Column, with a statue of the Virgin Mary and figures of a lion, a serpent, a dragon and a basilisk (representing a fight against war, heresy, hunger and the Plague). Am Hof square is home for fire brigade (also novadays) & fire-brigade museum.

Parking carriage in somebody's private courtyard.

Unusual triangle flowerbed.

Fabrik of Imperial Linen - official supplier of linen to Imperial Family.

Sign of chimney sweep & vertical cloud.
BTW, meeting with with a chimney sweep should bring you luck!

This is very special.
The Ferstel Passage (also known as Freyung Passage), is an upscale arcade built by the Austrian architect Heinrich von Ferstel in 1860. It connects Freyung Str. with Herrengasse, coming at Herrengasse nearby to famous Cafe Central. Passage leads into small glass-covered courtyard of Ferstel Palace, with fontain in the center. Here is a Donaunixen (Danube waternymph), who holds a fish in her hand. Ferstel Palace was built for the Austro-Hungarian National Bank. Unlike other buildings of this time, the palace was named after the 27 years old architect, and not after the owners.


Three next photos (below) are taken in inner yard of Altes Rathaus (The Old City Hall). Here is Fontain of Andromeda, one of hidden jems of 1st district. Greek story says about brave Perseus who came to save Andromeda from evil animal. BTW, it happen in Jaffa (South Tel Aviv), historical stone is still there. I did couple of paintings of this place.

The second photo is a fragment: it's between Andromeda & dracoon - a while before arriving of Perseus.

But what the hell is this baroque angel is doing?


Click on the photo below - to see it large.
It's interesting one: plants near the doors are common, but tomatos are not really usual decoration - at least not in the city center.


Another interesting object is a Turkish cannonball from 1683!
(In Am Hof Square). Currently building is into the renovation and cannonball is hidden under building construction)


And finally, oh, those girls...


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