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Last days - they are short days


Last days are running fast.
Packing and some meetings, last talks, preparation and stuff.
Last city-strolls.

(We) came to say hello (and thanks!) to Monika and Gerhard. I missed a moment to take their photo in the village, so here they are - in their city-apartment. My Austrians. Angelika was busy at work and we didn't meet additional time before the flight. But Gabriel was there. He is not in photos - cause he was in his "shy" mode. Never mind, I have other photos of them.


My last 2012 Vienna shots

__100_8268.jpg __100_8263.jpg __100_8267.jpg __100_8270.jpg __100_8271.jpg __100_8275.jpg __100_8279.jpg __100_8281.jpg __100_8319.jpg __V_shoes_Potini__1_.jpg

and the last pics from the island - it's not yet autumn, but summer has gone. Water is transparent and too cold for swimming

___100_8210.jpg ___100_8208_.jpg ___100_8223.jpg ___100_8238.jpg ___100_8213.jpg ___100_8199.jpg ___100_8214.jpg ___100_8218.jpg ___100_8192.jpg 4P1010041.jpg

Yesterday night we went to watch beavers! It wasn't easy in darkness but we seen them coming. Truly, I feel much less for them now then I used to do. They erase all trees on the island with monotonic callousness. I do understand that they have to eat for living, but why to damage each time another tree? It's annoying behaving.

biver__4_.jpg biver__3_.jpg
At another side I feel sorry for them. They supposed to be wild animals of countrysides, but they live in horrible conditions - it's not about lack of food, the area is green and very clean - both, ecologically and tidy. Another thing is disturbing. In night time all sound especially loud: disco-music from the club over the river is bumping the ears, train is rambling, ambulance is howling and if it was not enough - there are frequent helicopters in the sky.

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Donauinsel (Danube Island)

Place of rollerblading, cycling, swimming, canoeing, water-skiing, eating, drinking, dancing, tunning (very popular nude beaches), fishing, jumping from the bridge to the water, etc. etc. etc. Well-known for international Musc Festivals at summer.

32 °C

It's time to tell you about Donauinsel.

The Donauinsel (Danube Island) is a long, narrow artifical island, between the Danube river and the parallel excavated channel Neue Donau ("New Danube"). The island is 21km in length. The main purpose of the island however is to be part of Vienna's highly sophisticated flood protection system. As river Danube crosses the city, this has constantly been a concern for hundreds of years. Also river originallty took curve loop which was additional trouble for navigation. Danube is known for intensive water-traffic.

In 1970, a new plan was conceived and soon executed: digging an additional channel and using the spoil to build up the remaining strip of land between the straightened bed from the 19th century flood defence schemes and the newly created one. The new channel is called the Neue Donau (New Danube). The works were finished in 1988.




Nudity is natural. Donauinsel Nudity means freedom, happiness and good health. Many people bring to FKK areas (official nude beaches) their families, kids and dogs. It's right place for socialising, taking sunbathes and swimming. Other people are reading or feeding birds, scating or cycling, fishing, etc.


The island is house of open air Donauinselfest (Music Festival)- Europe's biggest event of this kind. Usually lasts 3 days (weekend) in June. The music styles vary from stage to stage, and there are enourmous amount of stages on the island. All this is free of charge. I had oportunity to be in this festival twice, it impressive event. They say it hosts about 3 mln visitors. Madonna gave her first concert in Vienna there in front of an impressive crowd of 57,000. There are also food, beers and fireworks.


Donauinsel is green zone, located just inside the city; it's very near metro stations, train path and even some industry. But if you come early enough, you have a chance to meet there society of wild animals (hares/ wild rabbits, beavers, hedgehogs, etc)...

The tree, damaged by beaver.

... variety of birds (magpie, pheasant, kurpatka, songbirds) and water-chickens (swans, ducks, herens, gulls, etc.),

diffferent kinds of frogs, snakes, many interesting insects (big bugs and beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and, as it appeared last year, awful mosquitos!)

I mentioned few herbs (buckthorn, dog rose, linden) and we even collected some St John's wort this year. There are bushes of cornel and an amazing cover of wild flowers.

Sea Buckthorn Berries (oblepiha)

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