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Dinner with K

No photos, unfortunately, but there are some closeups of conversation instead.

sunny 32 °C

Our meeting with K was delayed numerous times and then fault because of bunch of stupid reasons. But now we finally met!
We met for dinner in Cafe Latte in Neubau, 39 - another nice spot to eat and drink. Nice kitchen and reasonable prices. Also I really like this area, even more then Inner District. Except of heavy heath, which didn't lay down even at night, we had very pleasant time eating and chatting.

K says:

"... (I) have did army service in Germany. Fortunately exactly at this time Berlin Wall fault and both Germany(s) united. They didn't need so many soldiers and my army service became short. Huraaau!"

"... When moved from German Uni to Vienna - I had expectations: this specific cut of mathematics was extremely interesting to me. But I got disappointed very fast - all tutoring in Vienna is too academical, too far from modern science and real market."
and then: "... economy should not be learn in university but at practice - only market can teach this subject"

"... I was born in little place. Ja, that's right, this place where from rottweilers came."

"... My mothers Austrian family had mixed roots, but my father about 100% German blood. He knows languages, includes Hebrew - it's big Jewish community in the town where he lives and this community manages active cultural life, in which he (father) involved"

"... I prefer don't know history of my big family in details, especially not WWII part of - I know one who was involved in SS."

And also:

"When I was a child, I was studying in Catholic school"
" Ah, yea?"
- I smile, "That explains your determined atheism!"
"Oh yes, very much explains!"
- K agrees.
He continues: "Once school teacher (priest) visited families, and came also to our house. He was in the middle of sentence when he stopped talking, and probably also stopped to breath and his face changed colors. "What - is - this???" - asked the teacher, pointing on candlestick. "This one? It's family heirloom, the very old thing." - mother answered. Priest changed colors once again: "Jesus Christ! But it's Jewish Menora!" "Oh, yes, we have mix of bloods in our family, but we are Catholic in few generations..."- genuinely surprised mother. " Oh, no! Your son can't learn in our school then!" - almost sobbed the priest. " Oh, really? But why?" - continued to misunderstand mother...
I don't remember in details about results of this conversation, but as an adult K has allergy on religions. All of them.
Life is confusing thing, isn't it?

I just came from Netherlands a month ago. It was my 1st visit there and I am excited. I do not claim a complete understanding of the country, but having some conclusions and I'm dying to discuss them with one who understands. So I share with K my new theory about connection between landscape and national character. ("Open to the horizon spaces made them being human with wide open eyes") and also about discovery that Dutch are "so much German". (For details go to my blog "In Netherlands"
He agreed that it's a pleasure to deal with Duch ppl - he often goes there for business, and, when it comes to language, it appears that K understands and can speak as well. Talking about variety of German dialects and about native speakers, I mention that Austrian are so polite and nice. If I'm listening to their conversation, I only hear "Ja, ja" each few minutes. If they are not agree then it will b "ya, ya, but..... (explanation why not)", but it always begin positive.
We compare Dutch, Austrian and German "Ja, Ja" and he shows it in very artistic way:

"Ja, ja" - saying sincerely Dutch, and they mean what they say
"Ja-Ja" - singing Austrians, staying a bit meaning - you will never know what exactly they keep under polite smile. Oh, jaaaa, they are VERY polite people!
In Germany it's short "JA", like an army order. Or barking "NICHT", they don't even pretend being nice. Ja = ja, nicht = nicht, and it's not under discussion.

I laugh, cuz it performed cute and funny - seems he knows what he talking about.

K is a law-abiding citizen and not a bully, but an anarchist. He dislikes any government and idea of government itself. It delights me with his statement: " Look at Belgium - they don't have government for few years already, and they are doing great!" I love to hear this, because usually Belgian used as example of lousy people who don't success even to choose government. At my opinion, the nation that products the best chocolate in the world and 1/2 (or more) best beer in the world can't be lousy!

There were more interesting talks, may be I will remember later something else.

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