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The Last Day

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So, it's the last day - we are leaving 2morrow morning. A little bit sad. Morning we rollerbladed. It was low dark sky, almost purple and it looked like rain is near. Last week was rainy and cool and water got too cold for sweeming. But it became so transperent that u can mention each stone and also fishes: small, medium and very large. We have seen few snakes in the way. Everything is yet green but it feels autumn.

Meantime we were skating, mom made last (enormous!) grossery shopping and prepared lunch; and then, after lunch, we were just packing - it took too long as we have lotsa not standard staff in our laggage. Normally I pack for advance, at least the main part, but this time it was different because of rollerblades - we wanted to skate at the morning, and they (boots) is the largest and the most un-convincional (-comfortable) part of laggage. I think our package may look kinda weird to you: it's very little dress, half of it is sport-dress. About 6 pairs of different sun-glasses, variety of sun-block creams of differ proposas, perfume (present from mom), various maps and other tourist information, then cheeses, sausages and apples; cataloges from the beloved Hein Gericke (bikes!) store, travel-bear and his (bear's) best friend seal (also a toy). There are aslo: additional wheels and tools for repairment, and then "normal" staff like laptop, camera, various chargers, etc.

I leave here: mom & Roger, 1st of all. Friends and buddies. Big fishes near Police Sport-club. My old rollerblades. Japaneese, who makes weird exersises. Language that I could begin to understand soon, if I'd be staying here longer. The old lady and old dog which is so white, like it was cleaned with chlor! Etc.

Now I wish you good night. It's time to sleep if I don't want to miss the flight tomorrow!

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