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Zum trinken und zum essen

Drink and food in Vienna- Recomendations

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Zum trinken und zum essen (Drink and eat in Vienna)-
There are places where I was eating and/or drinking personally,
and this link to "Vienna food and drink guide" with description and reccommendations of others.



Julius Meinl am Graben, culinary epicentre of Austria's gourmets and connoisseurs. Three floors of the finest ingredients and materials from all over the world. Meinl is ultimative Viennise delicatessen shop, but it also: cafe, wein-bar, restaurant, sushi-bar and even "take away".

Meinl offers 35 (!!!) different ways to drink coffee



Address: Palais Ferstel at Herrengasse 14
It may be a tourist trap, but it's worth being ensnared by the Central at least once. The café was opened in 1860, and in the late 19th century it became a key meeting place of the Viennese intellectuals. Here were killing thir time: Theodor Herzl, Alfred Adler, Anton Kuh, Adolf Loos, Josip Broz Tito, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and many others.
I liked this story: Victor Adler objected to Count Berchtold, foreign minister of Austria-Hungary, that war would provoke revolution in Russia, even if not in the Habsburg monarchy, he replied: "And who will lead this revolution? Perhaps Mr. Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) sitting over there at the Cafe Central?"
Live piano music 17-22PM.


Gerstner at Kärntner Strasse is one of my favorites cafehouses and absolutely the best for strudel!


Café Le Moet at Opernring 13, in same building where hotel Le Meridien. Modern and very stylish cafe. It's outstanding interior design changed every few months, so you always find a new concept. Cafe works: 6:30am-20pm. Go inside to see the bar (and the restroom which is quite impressive!) and enter into Le Meridien (from hall or via café) - to see interiors of hotel.


Café Prückel is located near Stadtpark, MAK and U3 tube station.
Typical The Viennese café (Wiener Kaffeehaus), 100 y.o. with the original 1950th interior.


tchibo-eduscho-logo.jpg producticon_eduscho.png
To buy fresh-ground coffee or coffee-beans, or just to grab cup of coffee (not for style but for coffee-injection) go to Tchibo (Eduscho). There are many branches all around, they normally open 9-19, but some (for example in train station) may be open also unconventional hours.
In Tchibo you will find not only extensive selection of coffee brands and the freshest coffee, but piece of strudle - if you are up to, coffee-related items and variety of not-coffee-related items of good quality: from bra and umbrella to table lamp and jogging dog stroller. It a bit remembers IKEA brunch of petite size.
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Gerstner at Kärntner Strasse 21 is my absolute favorite for strudels! It's typical Vieneese Cafehouse which serves good choice of coffee, variety of astonishing cakes and sweets and quality light meals, but strudel is outstanding here!
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1, Am Lugeck (just down Rotenturmstrasse from Schwedenplatz towards the Stephansdom)
Actually it is a net of brunches, so you can try also other places. What is nice - first you drink and eat (there r also shnitzel there, but it's rather silly!), served with a waiter - and then, when you r done, you come to pay at the entrance into building. I guess sometime people also leave with no paying, but they still prefer to trust their customers. At general, Austrians prefer to trust to each other and normally they never erase someone's expectations of their straightness.

  • There are two ice-cremerias nearby in SwedenPlatz. Local people say there are the best. I tried both, but didn't decide which one is better. Also Julius Meinl am Graben (see in "gourmet" above) sales ice-cream - even it's a famous brand, but I found it just cold n sweet - not much more then it.

Lepantos 1, Ballgasse 4;
Opening hours: Mo 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., Tue – Sat. noon – 8:00 p.m. , Sun 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.;
The new (2012) Lepantos ice-cream shop is opened in 1st district. There are few other brands - just next door, but only here you may see the constant ppl in line for ice-cream.
Take a look in Irene's Vienna for more details.
You can reach the place coming from Stephan. Nearby to Loos "American Bar" and my favorite "Gerstner".


Rotenturmstraße 14
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... not that schnitzel was not-perfect or I have eat it not enough, but I didn't success to choose my favorite place(s) for schnitzel. Perhaps I need more time to choose? The next year may be?
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Cafe-restaurant Vienne (since 1829).
Address: Fleischmarkt 20, tel 431–5127928.
While you are coming from Schweden-platz - go upstairs (near Italian gelateria) to Fleischmarkt Street. There is beautiful Medieval Greek church, renovated in 18 cent and near the church is a very good restaurant.
But I want you continue some steps by same street and have your dinner in "Vienne" where great traditional Viennese cuisine and real European atmosphere. After 7:30PM live music (good!).


Address: Wollzeile 38 and/or few others, look in web site.
It's world-famous and mentioned in every tourist guide - Plachutta symbolises all the best of typical Viennese cuisine. It's so famous that doesnt need my reccomendations, but need some whitening from being a tourist attraction. First of all Plachutta is not only for tourists, but also for locals. Viennies families come here to celebrate, business ppl (and dates) to make impression on potential partner, others because they can do (Plachutta is pricely). Definately it's a brand, but even being so much known they didn't get spoiled, keeping exceptional cooking and the very perfect service.
If you there - try Tafelspitz (boiled beef). Tenderest veal (who grew up in the alpine meadows, as stated in the menu), immersed in a fragrant broth, is fabulously delicious. The meat served in a gleaming copper pans /to keep it warm/; the waiter pours extra portions when you finished. Other meals are fabulous too. Actually there are masterpieces, you come there to enjoy, not to get stuffed. But no worries, portions are large enough for every appetite. Also wine menu done professionaly - you can ask your waiter for advice which wine to take with your meal.


Freiraum- bar, cafe, restaurant at mariahilfer 117. Excellent choice for whatever reason. AC !

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Blumenstockgasse on the corner with Balgasse, near "Lepantos" (Beetroot Sorbet).
Open daily 10:00-20:00
Cafe Neko is the cat cafe, where you can have drinks while playing with cats. For pictures of the cat cafe go here.

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Except of eating/drinking out you may celebrate the life with self-made meal. When in Vienna you can have delicious lunch or dinner even not being a great cook.


Variety of European wines is amazing and prices are very good. I usually stay tight to French wines, and the second choice will be Italian, but I found many of Austrian wines really great.

My 2012 discovery is Grüner Veltliner by family Steininger.
The Steininger winery is especially known for their delicious sparkling wines.

Grüner Veltliner is really soooooo good!

A lot of beer of many kinds and impressive beer-culture.
I am not good in beer, but Andre is. Here is his recommendations: Stiegl, Puntigamer and Zwettler Zwickl.


And, oh, yea.. S T U R M in September!


  • TO EAT

I luv cheese. Very much so! Being a cheese-fan, I am familiar with range of around-cheese production: cheese-boxes/ - plates/ - covers/ - knives. From all knives I ever expirienced this old (I think at least 50 y.o.) one is my favorite.


Chanterelles from forest, buckets of appricots (local product), many great wines and delicious truffle tortellini and much much more...

chanterelle__2_.jpg 100_7571_crop.jpg marillen_crop.jpg

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Cafe Neko

Dogs are not allowed

I found Cafe Neko by chance, going to this weird ice-cream "Lepantos", where Beetroot Sorbet and Pepper-Caramel are served.
If you are fan of ice-cream and looking for "concept" ice - this place in Balgasse (behind the St Stephan Cathedral) is for you.
I mentioned an interesting business lable on the building near - it was a sleeping cat. I took photos I begun to have an interest about what is going inside.


Cafe Neko is the cat cafe, where you can have drinks while playing with cats. Yea, you got it right, it's place where cats allowed and welcome, but no dogs. There are few permanent citizen -cats (clean, healthy and happy) and transparent kitchinetta - you can see the cooking lady behind. In fact, except for coffee and cake there is nothing special to eat, but prices bite - so the main attraction is the cats.


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Week of mad weather (22-28/08/2011)

sunny 34 °C

Do you call it August?
Come on, it's the last summer week and supposed to be more cooler - kinda saying goodbye to the summer. Instead, it suddenly changed to crazy heath! If feels like a desert, I think it's over 40C in the sun and 34C (reported) in shadow. Nights are also warm. AC are not (not yet) popular here... maaannnn... it's too bad!
Brave and toned Austrians continue to bicycle and to make kms of nordic walk; more then this: they continue to dress elegant - it looks like they don't mind the weather and even enjoy it! Andre suffers and complains loudly. Usually I'm the one who moaning about the heath, but this time I manage... well,... it's kind of managing in conditions of toaster-oven. Ja, ja, I feel cooked! The clear benefit is warm river water. We are swimming daily. Also (we r) rollerblading almost daily - at the mornings, when it's not too hot. Once again we are living in the little apartment of my mom's: near Danube and in bridge distance from the 24km-long island, which is great for rollerblading. It would be a crime - to miss this perfect conditions, so I don't. Rollerblading gets around 2,5-3 hrs/ a day, includes swimming and some eventual sunbathing. Then return home - rush into cold shower and lunching. Afternoon can vary. Everyday we have another plan, going here and there, but at general just looking for escape into cooler place.

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