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1st half of July 2013

sunny 25 °C

Plain air, watercolors. In the morning, in day, in night.
With adventures of all sort.
Will show it in separate post, but meantime you may take a look in our FB profile, it's updated at daily base. Also we became kind of international cloud (community), people who love and interested in arts. Many of them are wonderful artists themselves, there are also photographers, art-funs and just friends.
It aslo combined with supply of art-materials, which is fun itself!
It's mid-July, and, actually, except of painting we didnt do much. It takes all time and energy, but gives back a wonderful feeling and wish to do more.

Yesterday in sunset, painting on the shore of Danube, we have seen a beaver - at distance of hand-touch. Swans, ducks and many other birds here, and butterflies. Rabbit came to the flowerbed against the main entrance to the building. Yes, ANIMAL life!

No CULTURAL LIFE to report, sorry :-)
Except of half-day in Arsenal - not the 1st time, but very interesting collection of things related to all wars, Austria was involved. My main interest WW1 was closed for renovation. How pity!
At coming weekend we are invited to B-Day party of friend in their summer house in the village. Will go for sure!

............ Will update photos later ..............

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The Cemetery of the Nameless

semi-overcast 26 °C

The little visited small cemetery of Nameless Ones is lying on the bank of the Albern Dock, behind huge grain warehouses - on the skirts of skirts of the cityskirts.

warehouses..ock__5_.jpg warehouses..ock__1_.jpg
It's quite complicated to get there, need to switch buses, trams and metro and go through inattractive neighbourhoods and industrial zones. However it's a guesthouse, situated just behind the cemetery, between riverbanks with docks and the cemetery fence, very near to industrial buildings. In the weird way this guesthouse is somehow seems fully-occupated, the parking zone near is busy with cars and the guesthouse - restaurant is busy as well. I was particulary interested to watch people who choose this strange location for their vacation - I thought they are may be fans of death cult something or suisidal ones, or may be harbour workers that need temporary accommodation ...? But no, not at all! I have seen happy and healthy people with bicycle sun-tun and smiling faces. Some came there for fishing (?) and others enjoyed the beer and meal in beergarden attached to the guesthouse. It seems that neither cemetery just nearby nor warehouses and port were disturbing their appetite to life.
That's cool!
All right, enough of walking around - now the couple of words about the Cemetery of the Nameless ones.

AU_V_Fried..en__11_.jpg AU_V_Fried..en__16_.jpg AU_V_Fried..en__12_.jpg AU_V_Fried..en__15_.jpg
Nameless nu 5 and nu 298

There are around 100 graves, most of them from 1900-1940th. The magority are those of unidentified people, have drowned in the river nearby. Some of these were later indentified, others staid nameless.

Personalised stone with surrealistic bird (?)

And here is the grave of Herr Hans - the victim of his profession.
It's a little poetry in German about Hans.
It says:
Here I lie in the cool earth,
Should not but had to die.
Had to leave your circle for
being honored in the sky.
To the victim of his profession -
sleep calm!

At fact this not-visited place doesn't look like abadoned. The cemetery is clean and there are flowers on some graves. Little chapel was errected in 1935. This plague on the wall took my attention.

"... Josef Fuchs - the owner of the Golden Merit of the city of Vienna
04/03/1906 - 04/02/1996
of over sixty years, until his death, he has selflessly cared and looked after the Cemetery of Nameless."

Josef sure had had his reasons to do. But still, to give the last respect to unknown people, to take care about ones who never thanks - it's kind of mission. So I think.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here is a curiosity.
Reading the text on the plaque, I seen the family Fuchs and got confused for a while, thinking about famous Fuchs - painter and sculptor and architect, what ever else he did during long and productive life. Fuchs is a show-man and often was unpredictable for common sence of common people. So, caressing about the cemetery of nameless easily could be his thing. I have to fix it already now, Josef Fuchs (the man of the Golden Merit) and Ernst Fuchs (an artist) - two different people. I bet they are even not relatives.
Still, remembering Ernst Fuchs, I want introduce him to you, if you still don't know him.

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Sunday in Semmering

Good air, very nice place

sunny 30 °C

__100_7392.jpg __100_7397.jpg __P1010031.jpg __100_7403-2.jpg

Sunday we spent in Semmering -
the ski resort attached to the little town.

It said in winter it's quite crowded, because good slops, good facilities and location - short distance from Vienna. All this makes Semmering very attractive for people who want to ski a day off or just after work (slops are lightened) and return to sleep at home.

__100_7460.jpg __100_7411.jpg __1900__1_.jpg __1900__3_.jpg
Except of normal for ski-resort activities (lifts, mountain view and tracks for hiking in summer time) Semmering proposes wealthy-healthy activities.

__1900__6_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__18_.jpg __P1010083.jpg __Semmerin..rch__7_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__10_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
Indeed town itself is very nice.

__Bahn_Hotel__17_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__24_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__19-2_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__21-1_.jpg
Here is big and impressive Bahn Hotel (= "Road Hotel") on the photos above. Unfortunatelly it is abadoned now, I hope will be renovated.

__Panhans__1_.jpg __Panhans__2_.jpg __Panhans__3_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__3_.jpg
Historical Panhans Hotel is still in working condition, active and alive.

__Semmerin..h__1-1_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__2_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__8_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__6_.jpg __P1010088.jpg __P1010106.jpg __P1010033.jpg __P1010037.jpg

One more photo of Semmering


Walking in the street, we have seen the poster of art exhibition and entered to see. It was named "Movement", running August 11 - August 31, 2012 in the ground floor of artist's private house - in Villa Alpenheim. The artist - Anna Einser, small lady with manly-firm handshake, greeted us and guided us personally. She is a wonderful artist, I really loved her works. Unfortunatelly I wasn't allowed to photograph and it's so pity! I would like to share it with you.
The next exhibition of Anna Einser is planned for November 2012 in Purkersdorf (not far from Vienna).

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Academy of Fine Arts

Gemäldegalerie: Rubens, Rembrandt, Bosch and Cranach...


About Art Academy of Vienna
The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was founded in 1692. Going through long history of Emperors and court-painters, Academy became "the supreme government authority for the arts" under rule of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in 1872. In 1907-8, young Adolf Hitler, who had come from Linz, was twice denied admission to the drawing class due to professional incompetence. He stayed in Vienna, subsisting on his orphan allowance, and tried unsuccessfully to continue his profession as an artist. Soon he had withdrawn into poverty and started selling amateur paintings, mostly watercolours, for meagre sustenance until he left Vienna for Munich in May 1913.
From here came Egon Schiele, Otto Wagner and many other famous and brilliant artists.

Gemäldegalerie: Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck. "Last Judgment" by Hieronymus Bosch, Francesco Guardi, Lukas Cranach, Titian ... Art collection of Academy is modest in comparation to Kunsthistoriches Museum, but when you there, your visit and your impressions feel much more personal. It's hard to explain, but the Academy has a special charm, maybe because you go to the gallery passing the classroom or due a painted ceiling - it's hard to say. Personally for me, the atmosphere of art school alone is extremely attractive.

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Dürer-Cranach-Holbein: German Portrait in KHM

KHM = Kunsthistorisches Museum

overcast 19 °C


Here is lovely exhibition of portraits (Dürer - Cranach - Holbein) that named "The Discovery of Man: the German Portrait around 1500".
I like all three of them, hard to say which one more - they all are exceptional and different from each other: perfectly clear (faces of) Durer can't be compared to Attractively-Sick portraits of Cranach and sure not to harsh models of Holbein. Anyway, taking pictures in exhibition was not allowed, so no photos here.

KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) itself is worth a visit of every art-lover. I have been here numerous times and I'm able to stay for half a day against any Bruegel or Lotto, usually until I arrive enormous Rubens my legs already can't support my staying and slow walk and I fall down in museum buffet for coffee or something more then it.
KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) exposes great collection of arts, one of the foremost in the world. But building itself worth a proper look. Built in end of 19th cent for keeping (and showing to mass!) vast imperial collection, it is the one of mirroring buildings in Ringstrasse. The second 'twin" is NHM (NaturHistorichen), and it's lovely garden between them. Especially I like fountains and benches there

.... will upload photo, if will find them...

Building is very spacious, royal, rich decorated (incl. frescoes of G.Klimt!) and well-kept and described (in numerous brochures available for free at entrance and in info-kiosks).

Here are some details of interior - sorry for poor quality.


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Week of mad weather (22-28/08/2011)

sunny 34 °C

Do you call it August?
Come on, it's the last summer week and supposed to be more cooler - kinda saying goodbye to the summer. Instead, it suddenly changed to crazy heath! If feels like a desert, I think it's over 40C in the sun and 34C (reported) in shadow. Nights are also warm. AC are not (not yet) popular here... maaannnn... it's too bad!
Brave and toned Austrians continue to bicycle and to make kms of nordic walk; more then this: they continue to dress elegant - it looks like they don't mind the weather and even enjoy it! Andre suffers and complains loudly. Usually I'm the one who moaning about the heath, but this time I manage... well,... it's kind of managing in conditions of toaster-oven. Ja, ja, I feel cooked! The clear benefit is warm river water. We are swimming daily. Also (we r) rollerblading almost daily - at the mornings, when it's not too hot. Once again we are living in the little apartment of my mom's: near Danube and in bridge distance from the 24km-long island, which is great for rollerblading. It would be a crime - to miss this perfect conditions, so I don't. Rollerblading gets around 2,5-3 hrs/ a day, includes swimming and some eventual sunbathing. Then return home - rush into cold shower and lunching. Afternoon can vary. Everyday we have another plan, going here and there, but at general just looking for escape into cooler place.

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- Museum of Art Fakes (Fälschermuseum)

sunny 36 °C

This small, privately run museum in the Landstraße (near my beloved Hundertwasser) opened in Vienna from 2005. There r not only the collection of Art Fakes + interesting facts and stories.
.... photos here...

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Museums of Munich

Day 2.

sunny 24 °C

Sunday is a Museums Day in Munich.
All 4 museums of art (each one presents different period) in KUNSTAREAL MUNCHEN - Museum Quarter are opened at Sundays for free. Well, not exactly for free, but you pay 1 Euro for entrance. It's great oportunity to see all of fthem without taking a loan. They are located next to each other.

Impressive collection of 14th to 18th Century European painting.

Look at these kids - they are ligtning!

Portrait of young man by Durer

One of my favorites Renaissance painters - Filippo Lippi

Look at this portrait.
Is not... Vladimir Putin there? Only I see or you too?
And there are more and more and more - really great collection! But I afrade to make u bored, so, the last one. Yea, madonna and baby Jesus, right. But look carefully - what baby Jesus does exactly? He plays with money and it looks like he gonna ask: "Is it it??? That's all that you give???"


Neue Pinakothek is brilliant museum! It focuses on European Art of the 18th and 19th century (one of the world-best art museums of the 19th cent). Very nice outside, especially at summer with wide incoming steps and cute outdoor cafe near running water.
Inside the construction is simple and clean, full-oriented on expirence of visitor and give good oportunity to concentrate on art collection, which is briliant ( I know I already mentioned this)
Adolf_Holz..s__1888.jpgArnold_Boc..d__1866.jpg Karl_Schuc..s__1885.jpg

The Pinakothek der Moderne is a modern art museum.
Which means Contemporary Art since the 1960s.
P8080139.jpg P8080135.jpg P8080148.jpg
Mmmmm... saying the truth, I'm not a big fan of this kind of art. But they also have great collection of design, architecture and graphics and keep interesting exhibitions.
P8080115.jpg P8080114.jpg P8080107.jpg P8080100.jpg P8080097.jpg P8080098.jpg P8080146.jpgP8080145.jpg
Building itself is impessive piece of modern architecture - virtuose construction, open and wide spaces, much natural light. Designed by the German Architect Stephan Braunfels, the Pinakothek der Moderne was inaugurated in September 2002. Construction took 7 years. White and grey cube of facade is interrupted by large windows and highrising columns, the latter supporting the extensive canopied roof. Each of the four corners of the building, connected by a central rotunda (dedicated to a special collection) and it makes headspinning effect in the glass lobby.
Somehow it remembered me glass construction of Reichstag in Berlin. Together with the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek and Museum Brandhorst it is part of Munich's "Kunstareal" (the "art district").

Museum Brandhorst is a very new one - was opened in 2009. Lovely colorful building next to Pinakotek der Moderne - I took few photos there. Museum have few pieces of K. Malevich and Joan Miro, but baically Brandhorst Museum is dedicated to modern of modern art. The most famous "icon" is Andy Warhol; there are also German cubbist Kurt Schwitters; American Pop-Art artist Alex Katz (just awful!), shocking Damien Hirst, Robert Gober, Eric Fischl and others. We didnt' enter inside - could not do more then 3 museums a day, became overloaded.

Untitled (Leg) by Robert Gober, 1989-90.
Made from beeswax, cotton, wood, leather and human hair.
Ehhhhhhh.... :-( ..... I don't want to sound meaning, but contemporary art too often makes me feeling frustrated.

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