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August 2012

In the village - Day 4

rain 14 °C


Another rainy morning in the village.
It's +14C on the thermometer - hard to believe, as it doesn't cold.

I don't feel bored in the village.
If rain will not stop soon, then I'll be drawing today.
We have enough food and always can to prepare something else, we don't hurry anywhere and not missing anything. Just perfect! Also we have wine, TV, books and table games - to entertain ourselves, internet connection and telephone - to keep in touch with the city ... LOL... look at me! I almost appologize about my comfortable doing nothing! When I went here - I was asked again and again: "What will you do there?", so, probably I'm trying to explain what exactly I will do here. But it's useless try - because one, who asked doesn't understand another being but work or simulation of the work process. And also this person completely dependent of so-called "civilization", when you can buy everything immediatelly at your request and can't accept life with no supermarket nearby.

I will not deny - I'm a city resident and the city is my natural habitat. Once upon a time I had experience of village-being for a whole year, even it was long time ago - I still shudder remembering it: I nearly went mad there from isolation and despair. But it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy living in the countryside for certain period and, for sure, I am able to adapt myself to new environment.

The only thing that really disturbs - there are annoying village flies. I expected the mosquitoes, but fortunately not (touch wood, I have horrible allergy on their bites). We ought to find out how to get rid of the flies, there should be other ways besides fly swatter?
But so what - the flies! Yesterday a wild pheasant wandered on the lawn in our yard.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

12:00, noon

The forecast was optimistic, it said the rain will stop at the noon and even will be some sunshine. We decided to go to forest to seek mushrooms. They should grow after the rain, aren't they? And at 11am rain really paused. Until we were dealing with proper equipment - the rain restarted. Oooooh... that sucks. Not that i have anything against the rain, but I'm almost dressed and ready to go out. What should we do now? To lunch?

One more cute thing in this house it a cleaning robot. It's a very smart small machine that moving all around the house (need to lock doors leading to the steps down), it sweeps and swirls, collects debris, and when getting softly stick in corners or furniture, it deftly turns around and changes direction. Fantastic! Photos of moving machine were blured, so I stopped it for a while. And here it's - the technical miracle!

Andre said that when robot has low battery it seek for a charger, charge itself and continue the job. Ah?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Afternoon rain became light and we went to the forest. It was a bit dissapointing - no mushrooms at all, even no one old and bitten by snails, no grebes or toadstools - just nothing at all! It's understandable, even 2 last days were rainy - but the land under the wet leaves is desert dry. Yes, understandable but still frustrating! It seems for mushrooms need to wait a week or so.

Rain stopped and begun in loop, several times. Rest of the day we spent inside.

Andre was playing with "tangram"- I should try it too, he says it's genius idea. I was drawing. Finally I found time for it.


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In the village - Day 3

Rain, biomarket and pumpking soup

rain 17 °C

Morning is rainy. It's not a storm but transparent shower coming from light clouds. Air is quite warm, so I think we'll go out (when Andre will get up). Today is Friday - which means that farm-eco-what ever- market works during the whole day. I've got my eye on pumpkins, when we were bicycling, so we maybe will buy one. I have phantasies about pumpkin soup and pumpkin rice and also oven-burned pumpkin sounds to me inviting. Oh, my God! What will I do with all these extra-kilogramms? I always return from Austria "fat and happy", paying with my broken shape for my good appetite. But let it now. Never mind (almost!), let's switch into something more interesting. I hope that after this rain we could find some mushrooms in the forest. This is the plan for tomorrow. The forest here is beautiful but quite dry, which is not good for mushrooms. Have you seen photos from the forest in my yesterday post?

It's the Bio Market in the village at Fridays. We are not fricks of healthy food, but wanted to refill our stock. We have bought the pumpking and many various roots and cooked the pumpkin soup - mmm..! delicious! We also has bought pie. Everything was very tasty, a bit expensive - like all "healthy" food.

Porrau_-_p..oup__2_.jpg Porrau_-_p..oup__3_.jpg Porrau_-_p..oup__5_.jpg Porrau_-_p..oup__7_.jpg

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In the village - Day 2


sunny 28 °C

forest__5_.jpg forest__21_.jpg forest__9_.jpg forest__22_.jpg forest__19_.jpg forest__20_.jpg forest__11_.jpg hop__1_.jpg
Photos at the bottom line:
from left - ladybags, from right - wild hop. In the 2nd line from the bottom (right side) - there are marks of animals being in the mud.

Walking in the forest, if you are not too loud, you can easily see variety of wild animals: european red deer, roe deer, wild boars, weasels, squirrels and little creatures like moles and wood mice. Lots of birds, large eagles, pheasants and gray-blue wood pigeons with a nasty voice, tits, swallows, quail and rodsvennikov, and of course the geese and all that.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nothing remarkable happen at afternoon: lunch and so.
I grabbed a camera and went to take some shots of the village.
It's a castle(?) here, seems in private ownership. Relatively to other village houses - all fresh-colored and renovated, the castel is in shabby condition. Though the building is not abandoned, the yard is swept and flowered, and cute curtains are peeping from the windows. They cut woods and sell firewood. There are expensive cars in the courtyard, and the most interesting part is the fenced area between the house and the forest, there are grass and some treese and there is a dozen European deer, the whole family: antlered daddy, elegant lady-deers and fawns of different sizes. We thought, it may be the forestry?

1Porrau__1_.jpg 1Porrau__3_.jpg 1Porrau__6_.jpg Porrau__5_.jpg
A dry tree in front of the castle gates buzzing loudly. Hornets of hefty size - like child's fist, live in the hollow . I wanted to take pictures of their flights, but stopped myself at time. It was not one of my best ideas, definately.

Opposite the castle - the fire brigade. Monica says that the local firefighters are volunteers, not a pro, and that it makes their service extremely effective. I believe they are.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At night we had a visitor - it came, attracted by light.
After the photosession we let it go.


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The bicycle

I did it!
I ride bicycle!

Don't laugh - for me it's a Big Deal, I begun trying to ride in my 40th and it's not my natural choice.
As you know, I'm a water-person. Having another sport activities I always avoid(ed) riding bicycle. For many reasons, yes.
But now I am doing it: insecure and slow, but I can ride.


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The only apple

sunny 26 °C

They usually have crates of apples and Monika is cooking compot, baking apple strudel at regular base and handing apples out to friends and all family members, also I'm in the apple-loop, when I'm in Austria. But this year apple tree on a break. It's hard to believe, but it is the only one apple on the tree. Precisely it was the only one.
Yesterday it was yet hanging on the tree alike Christmas ball,
but todayI found it lying in the grass. Sensing the importance of the moment - I did apple's portraits.
Here they are.


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In the village - Day 1

Village of Bergau

sunny 26 °C

What can be better then rustic breakfast on the balcony watching the garden? Morning is a bit chilling and I'm rolled into the blanket.

__Porrau_-_Andre__10_.jpg Monikas_garden__1_.jpg Monikas_garden__18_.jpg Monikas_garden__20_.jpg__P1010042.jpg Monikas_garden__16_.jpg

Andre is trying to inspire me to ride a bike, but I persistence: I am a bad rider and for me the bike is not a joy but annoying. I wanna walk and don't mind the distance and time will be twice in lenth. They have here many bikes and all the equipment - really "the crime" to miss this possibility to improve my bicycling skills...mmm... may be tomorrow? Or at afternoon may be?

Today we undertook a short trip to the nearby village.
Honestly - nothing special, the casual village.

bergau__12_.jpg bergau__9_.jpg bergau__5_.jpg bergau__15_.jpg
Quiet, the streets empty, incredibly clean and tidy -
like everywhere in Austria. It's only 2km away of Porrau,
but since we didn't walk the direct way but hiked through hills, fields and woods - it took few hours.

__tractor__4_.jpg __Osterrei..ato__1_.jpg __corn__1_.jpg __corn__3_.jpg __Porrau_-_sky__3_.jpg __Porrau_-_sky__1_.jpg
In the forest we gorged on wild blackberry - wonderful! The harvest from the fields is taken already, there is no splendor of sunflowers, only corn is still there.

You can see on photos: patches of fields running through hills, massive forest, siluette of blue mountains on the horison and beautiful autumn sky.

__P1010035.jpg __100_7783.jpg __100_7803.jpg __P1010015.jpg
From the hill we have seen skyscrapers of Vienna (70 km from here!). There are numerious watchtowers in the forest and in the field. Monika said there are watching-stands for hunters. There are deers and other animals in the forest two steps from the village.

100_7873.jpg Hunting_Stand__6_.jpg Hunting_Stand__5_.jpg 100_7865.jpg
In the forest you also can find wooden stands with salt cristals - deers like to lick it.

Except of natural wonders there is another wonder -
T-mobile connection. I can't believe, but it works from no-where.
We were talking by mobile with mom from the fields and from the middle of forest. Stunning! I used to have connection problems each time when getting away from antenna - even when it's not really far. It's really impressive that it works in any conditions here, in Austria!

Porrau_-_lunch_1__4_.jpg Porrau_-_lunch_1__2_.jpg
At time of lunch we received a call from my mom.
She had news. She said that probably Vienna-accomodation issue will be solved already tomorrow and it means that our trip to Carinthia should be cancelled. We could stay tight to our plans, but except of financial side (staying in Vienna is cheaper then any trip out) - there is a human factor: we know how much she (mom) wants us near.
After short discussion Andre and me decided that if everything will go smooth with Vienna apartment - then we will stay in Vienna.

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In the village

sunny 28 °C

Village called Porrau and it's near the very nice town of Hollabrunn.
This is the summer house of Monika's family and we are the guests.
We'll be staying here for a week, alone - Monika und Gerhard just brought us there, we spent a lovely day together and then they returned to the city. They will come next Monday to pick us back to Vienna.

1Porrau__9_.jpg 1Porrau__7_.jpg 1Porrau__8_.jpg 1Porrau__10_.jpg
On the photos (from left to right):
1. Former wine cellars (once Porrau was a village of wine-makers).
2. Horses - "to take the stress out" business
3. Flowers of somebody
4. Disco in Bergau (the neighboring village)

I don't try to describe the whole house here. It's big enough, even looks tiny from the street. Two levels + big garden that connected from behind. The family is owning this hous about 30 years, so every thing already found its place. There are layers of history: grandma's vases and plates, old sweaters that comfortable and almost new, but not suitable for the city, the mountains of puzzles and toys left by grown daughters and nieces, books, foods and all the rest, nesessary for comfortable life. I prefer to show fragments.

pazzle__2_.jpg Porrau_-_lunch_1__4_.jpg Monikas__4_.jpg Monikas__1_.jpg
On the photo at the left:
This is an original kitchen set for spices from Monika's mother.
I think, but not sure, that smiling frau at the b&w photo is mother of Gerhard. She was a very stylish lady.

Monikas__2_.jpg Monikas__5_.jpg
On the right picture above: the workshop of Gerhard in the ground flour

What I especially like here - it's numerous thermometers that Gerhard (I think it was him!) hanged everywhere in the house and outdoors. I counted 11 indoors only. You see, my lifestyle is independent in many ways, but my plans are quite dependent of weather. I spend long hours walking outdoors and I like to be dressed, sun-blocked and equiped perfectly - relatively to weater condition.

Another cute thing is the cuckoo clock, that - I agree, absolutely essential in a country house. Their cuckoo is a bit hysterical: the door claps with a bang, cuckoo pops out quick as it's the fire inside and cuckooing correct number of times. Then - clap! - job is done, doors are closed.

When we just arrived and were planned to sleep in the room with cuckoo clock, Gerhard showed how to shut it up for the night time. So we did. Next morning, after breakfast, we remembered about the cuckoo, locked in its house, and Andre let her get out. Oh my! The cuckoo almost knocked Ande down, jumping out of her prison, like it was live creature! Being an Austrian cuckoo, the wooden bird is extremely keen to its duties. As it could not do the job during the whole night, informing us "what time it is" once a half-an-hour, the cuckoo revenged and cuckooed all missed cuckooes in one! Wow... it was impressive monologue!

As I mentioned earlier - the garden is green and spacious. Flowers, some fruit trees, wild strawberry in the season. It's planned in the city-style: no vegetable beds, but the grass meadow. For pleasure.

Monikas_garden__1_.jpg Monikas_garden__18_.jpg 1P1010036.jpg 1P1010051.jpg
Of recent acquisitions I should mention the inflatable pool -
the owner's proud.

__Porrau_-_night__9_.jpg __Porrau_-_night__2_.jpg

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My Austrian family - 2012

So, here is the news of summer 2012.
Mutti of Gerhard has gone this year.
This photo isn't new - it was taken couple of years ago.
They were very close to each other. I'm sorry.


Christina will give birth in October in Costa Rica. They finished to build the own house. Parents are going to visit them and see the new-born grandchild. They also plan a short trip in Panama - it's near.
(photos will come...)

My friend Angelika is working hard. In last summer Ferando's parents have visited them in Vienna - actually it was their 1st visit and first European experience as well. Gabriel is growing - one of the sweetiest children I know. This year (2012) he is 4 years old.

7A58710E2219AC68172732A02080E1EF.jpg 7A5BA0452219AC681705D79A9F5AA8DA.jpg

Monika and Gerhard continue to travel. Gerhard finished his work and now can spend much more time in the village. He is very happy about it. He continues to ride bicycle and to ski actively. Monika, inspite her knee trauma, is dancing and didn't stop moving ever. They look fresh and happy. I love these people. I really do.

Monika's mutti is still shining - it's a great pleasure to meet so positive people, quality is not so common in nowadays. Grandma-tomboy with short haircut that playing computer games. When she comes, her sunny smile running 20m for advance of her feet.

IMG_2395.jpg IMG_2398.jpg IMG_2427.jpgP8060237.jpg Xmas_2250.jpg OGerhGeb_1230.jpg

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and walk through 18th district

rain 20 °C

Today we met Konstantin, bitten by a wasp, and with his GF Alex.

We knew about Alex for ages, and even staid once in her one-room apartment in the old University building, but never met personally. So, today it finally happen. The cute and spicy student-girl ("Crazy Paprica") grew up into the sharp lady with good manners, a successful lawer and a faithful companion of K.

K is still loaded with his business, bicycle rides and philosophical ideas. Alex, being more practical - as the most ladies are, cares for all the rest: house and socialising, family relations, all types of bureaucracy that have to be managed and the rest of tasks and activities on all levels of their life. Being a part of University society - type of like the Knights, I believe, K has privileges and rights and for sure also the duties. It made possible his prolonged stay in University Campus - really amazing and old (18th cent?) building, the same one where we staid in "Paprica"'s apartment in winter 2002. Now the building need the serious renovation - it begun to crumble into pieces and became not safe to live in, K&A were forced to move, and they moved into nice rented apartment in 18th district.

Replying on our compliments about bright and cozy apartment, they said in one voice: "Yes, it's very green area and nice place to live, but THE MOST IMPORTANT - it's 15 mins to the forest".
"To which forest?" - I re-asked, taken aback.
"To Wienna Wald" - they nodded in unison.
"Aha, I see..." - I said. I could hardly resist the silly comments alike "Did you switch into foresters or woodcutters?"
But they sound very serious and happy about the good choice they did, so I didn't spoil the happy moment.

Except of difficulties with business and the arm swollen from the bite, they make impression of happy people. They are cycling a lot, manage healthy lifestyle and both look good. I wanted to take a photo of them, but hesitated to ask for it - K said he really feels sick. We greeted him to feel well soon and left.

When we were in the place of K&A, the rain sropped, so we could to walk a bit. The photos are below.

__Gentzgas..0__crop.jpg __Gentzgasse__1-6_.jpg __Gentzgasse__16_.jpg __Gentzgasse__6-2_.jpg __12_Munchies__1_.jpg __12_Munchies__2_.jpg __Gentzgasse__5-2_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__3_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__5_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__9_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__10_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__12_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__16_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__22_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__17_.jpg __Wahringer_Str__28_.jpg __18th_district__1_.jpg __18th_district__4_.jpg __18th_district__2_.jpg __Fuchstha..sse__1_.jpg

If you ever come to Vienna and are interested in Art Nouveau railway architecture, you should take a ride along one of the most interesting urban railways - the remnants of Otto Wagner's Stadtbahn, built in 1893-1901. All that you need do - to take a day-ticket and grab your camera.

__Fuchstha..sse__5_.jpg __Schul_Gasse.jpg __Volksopera__1_.jpg __Gustav_Klimt.jpg __U6_-_Volksoper__1_.jpg __U6_-_Volksoper__2_.jpg

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175th anniversary of Austrian railways

Alo, buddy, let's go party!

overcast 25 °C

Angelika is a genius!
She found this very special event and invited us
to join her and Gabriel.


Man, 175 years old service is not a joke! It's impressive date. This event was as if specially planned for me and Gabriel! Everyone knows my weakness to trains and railways - I did never hide it, actually. 4-year-old Gabriel was also shocked by such an abundance and variety of locomotives of all colors, and their incredible affordability. First we seen the newest models in the station of Prater. The public was allowed to enter trains, to see, to touch, to sit in the 1st class and also in business class (oooooh, really very comfortable!) wagons; those who interested (surprisingly many!) were suggested to eat and drink in the carriage-buffet and, finally, everyone was admitted into the holy of holies - the cab. No, drive a train was not offered, but you could sit in the cabine and pretend a driver. Comeon, that's fun!

__100_7593.jpg __100_7582_.jpg __100_7580.jpg __100_7607.jpg __100_7608.jpg __100_7595.jpg

The continue of the celebration was even more exciting!
We took the sits in another train on Prater (all for free, clearly) and it took us 20 mins ride into the railway repair workshop - the real one, not a model and not a museum. Man, it's huge! It was such an amount and variety of bits of iron there that I just choked with excitement, and Andrew directly run to photograph all the engineering miracles.

__100_7665.jpg __100_7663.jpg 100_7634.jpg __100_7664.jpg __100_7628.jpg __100_7626.jpg __100_7625.jpg __100_7621.jpg

With no kidding about - the modern train technology is really very impressive and also I have lots of sentiments to the old trains and all basic train-care works, alike coloring and polishing, renovating sits and mechanical parts, also I adore all sorts of tablets, symbols and labels.

__100_7669.jpg __100_7667.jpg __100_7668.jpg __100_7673.jpg

There were also working hefty operating model railroad with tunnels, stations and sidings, with cows grazing in the meadow, mountain rivers, holiday villages and tiny population, which was keenly travelling by rail, as well was busy with work and having fun. There were typical Austrian hiking families, bikers and bicycle riders, people in uniform and people with no any form, sunbathing and swimming in the lake. Gabrielle was shocked with the road accident that happen under the railway bridge. Overturned cars, police with flashing lights and ambulance - it was alike real!

__100_7674.jpg __100_7671.jpg __100_7653.jpg __100_7643.jpg __100_7601.jpg __100_7657.jpg

Then we were kindly treated with apples, took a look into a repair workshop on wheels (a consummate order and cleanliness!) and took a train back to Prater. After watching the accident under the bridge together with Andre, Gabriel completely hung on him, looking up with unconcealed admiration and enthusiasm. Andre is good in getting alone with children, and Gabriel is really a very sweet one.

__100_7659.jpg __100_7660.jpg

We invited them to our place for dinner - we don't have chairs and no proper table in this new-renovated apartment, but we always can make something tasty to eat.

We had a dinner and then set on the balcony, chatting and watching lightened Vienna - beautiful in every hour.
We had such a perfect day!
In complete dusk I took Angelika to the metro station,
Gabriel already lost all his energy and was lying on her sholder.

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The Parallel Universe

About the circus. Also about Donau Insel and chilling with comfort.

sunny 29 °C

The second half of August is here -
should I feel the cold autumn breath?

__Donau_Insel__7_.jpg __Donau_Insel__25_.jpg __Donau_Insel__14-2_.jpg __Donau_Insel__23-4_.jpg
Actually, this week is hot and temperature is rising.. oh oh, no, I'm not happy with it! We are still skating and swimming daily, but I noticed yellow and red leaves, the smell of cut grass and end of the swimming season is visibly close.

__Donau_Insel__24_.jpg P1010016.jpg __Donau_Insel__30-1_.jpg __Donau_Insel__31_.jpg
Light became different and sky sometimes looks dramatic,
alike on today photos.

I enjoy this Danube time very much and don't mind it will last longer. My old skaters are almost collapsed, but I used to them and don't hurry to buy new pair. They also have very good wheels - relatively new ones, that I would not like to miss or exchange. I told you about this island, where we r skating, many times. Being so familiar with - some ppl even begun to say hello!, but I still having new impressions every day. The animal life is very impressive, and we like animal-watching and know to notice things. Also human life on the island is not less impressive. I like to watch characters, to listen to intonations, sometimes even to have a small talk. People, when they naked (nude beach, yeah) - they become more real then ever. I like they are so sunburned and natural. It's not such a thing like "Island Community", but, watching people here I found many (qualities) at common: They are friendly but unobtrusive, extremely neat, not loud, practical and know to make enviroment comfortable.

__Donau_Insel__26_.jpg __Donau_Insel_WC__3_.jpg
At the left: a machine that clean the bottom of the slime and other aquatic vegetation.
Right photo: just WC (one of many on the island). I like its design.

BTW, about comfort: I don't know another nation that knows to organise own life in so intelligent way. It can be seen in many levels of human being - from public toilets to masterly folded firewood. In the nature their habit of comfort excites and misleads me. Many come from far away. Regardless of their age, they bravely pedaling a bike (and others are roller-skating or going on foot). They caressing folding camp bed with attached tent, often also radio, small pillow and book to read - which is quite normal. But sometimes people bring with them half of house equipment, making not ordinary choice of objects,nesessary for sunbassing. I have seen there a mop - to wash the slime from the steps leading to water, a watering can - to water the grass near the river, others come with comfortable wagons for transportation of short-legs pets, etc. But the first place of originality and unpredictability certainly need to give to the thermometer hanging on the tree!

Last days passed with no significant events: same skating-swimming mornings, some walks around, little this, little that. Couple of days ago I met Angelika and Gabriel. We went together to the exhibiton "The Circus as a Parallel Universe ".

I love the circus, and therefore interested in everything connected with it. the exhibition was eclectic but not bad. Some objects where cute and funny - like elephant of a real size, hanging a foot above the floor, with trunk stuck in the wall. Stuffed halflion - halfzebra was masterly executed. Other exhibits - such as dried mermaid and various monsters were creepy.

elephant.jpg dried_up_mermide.jpg
I got impression that the exhibition was a marketial act for saling the book. What ever. Photography was prohibited so I found online some photos and video on youtube.

Ottinger_U..en_1981.jpg gone__shoes_.jpg lion-zebra_mixture.jpg
... wonders and clowns, how they could be missed?
clown.jpg anywhere_b.._clown_.jpg

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Ice-skating at Tuesday

Ice!!! Hurraaaauuu!

semi-overcast 33 °C

I have not enough time to update the blog, even briefly.
But I try...

Sunday we spent in Semmering - the ski resort attached to the little town. It said in winter it's quite crowded, because good slops, good facilities and location - short distance from Vienna. All this makes Semmering very attractive for people who want to ski a day off or just after work (slops are lightened) and return to sleep at home.
Except of normal for ski-resort activities (lifts, mountain view and tracks for hiking in summer time) Semmering proposes ... but why I'm talking about it now? You may read and see photos in my Sunday "report".

Monday was hot like hell - 34C something. Nothing special happen - half day we were near or in the water (rollerblades + swimming, and then sitting near water at afternoon) another half was used for various needs - little this , little that, includes corresponding with annoying Masha.

and Tuesday - it's today.
Morning skating - it's quite standard. Morning was so windy that we even didn't swim, just rolled.
Then we prepare lunch and had guests - Monika and Gerhard, ye, my Austrian Family. I luv these ppl and it was a pleasure to cook for them and to see them here. The only shame - I don't have a furniture, this apartment is really empty, just now after the renovation. I had only one chair. Rest of people set on the floor (new and washed). I called it "student-style" lunch :-)
and then...
After the lunch my mom took guests to swim and entertained them near the river,
and we (Andre & me) took ourselves to ice-ring!
It's kind of "dream of the idiot that came true", yeah, but we really enjoyed it - we don't have it enought in our routine life.
I should to mention that this public skating in summer is quite new in Vienna - they opened this ice for ppl only this year. At fact no one of our Vienniese friends was up to join, they said "it's enough in winter time". Well, I can understand that they want summer longer. We are, being spoiled with endless summer, always up to something cool. Human nature - we always want something rare and unique.
It was lovely to come from +33C outdoors inside the ice-ring, where it was +14C! So cool!

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Sunday in Semmering

Good air, very nice place

sunny 30 °C

__100_7392.jpg __100_7397.jpg __P1010031.jpg __100_7403-2.jpg

Sunday we spent in Semmering -
the ski resort attached to the little town.

It said in winter it's quite crowded, because good slops, good facilities and location - short distance from Vienna. All this makes Semmering very attractive for people who want to ski a day off or just after work (slops are lightened) and return to sleep at home.

__100_7460.jpg __100_7411.jpg __1900__1_.jpg __1900__3_.jpg
Except of normal for ski-resort activities (lifts, mountain view and tracks for hiking in summer time) Semmering proposes wealthy-healthy activities.

__1900__6_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__18_.jpg __P1010083.jpg __Semmerin..rch__7_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__10_.jpg __Semmerin..ch__11_.jpg
Indeed town itself is very nice.

__Bahn_Hotel__17_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__24_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__19-2_.jpg __Bahn_Hotel__21-1_.jpg
Here is big and impressive Bahn Hotel (= "Road Hotel") on the photos above. Unfortunatelly it is abadoned now, I hope will be renovated.

__Panhans__1_.jpg __Panhans__2_.jpg __Panhans__3_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__3_.jpg
Historical Panhans Hotel is still in working condition, active and alive.

__Semmerin..h__1-1_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__2_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__8_.jpg __Semmerin..rch__6_.jpg __P1010088.jpg __P1010106.jpg __P1010033.jpg __P1010037.jpg

One more photo of Semmering


Walking in the street, we have seen the poster of art exhibition and entered to see. It was named "Movement", running August 11 - August 31, 2012 in the ground floor of artist's private house - in Villa Alpenheim. The artist - Anna Einser, small lady with manly-firm handshake, greeted us and guided us personally. She is a wonderful artist, I really loved her works. Unfortunatelly I wasn't allowed to photograph and it's so pity! I would like to share it with you.
The next exhibition of Anna Einser is planned for November 2012 in Purkersdorf (not far from Vienna).

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From the "Cat's Place" to 29th floor

sunny 25 °C

Today we moved to another apartment. It's not only pack-unpack business, but means change of lifestyle. From 19th century building near the Naschmarkt (where we babysitted cats in July) we moved to 29th floor in the Skyscraper, near Danube and UNO center.
Location of both places is brilliant.

The "Cat's Place" is in the centre: Everywhere by foot: few minutes to the metro station and to the Nashmarkt, another few minutes to Karlsplatz, Mariahilfer, Museum Quartal. Everywhere in the center, easily to Westbanhof (train station), when need, door-to-door with Monika and very close to Angelika (my Austrian family).

The Skyscraper is the same building where my mom lives. My scating paradise - the Danube Island is just next to the door. So every morning begins from rollerblading and swim, at noon we usually wave lunch with family (mostly we are cooking) and all family- interaction is easy. Metro and all nesessary infrastructure (supermarkets, farmacy, post, etc) are nearby.

I already told you about the "Cat's House", I staid there also in 2011. It's beautiful apartment on the 5th floor. Oh, my God, very high 5th floor! - slike 8th in modern building. And it means climbing steps couple of times a day. I'm not complaining - it's good exercise and also the staircase itself is gorgeous. I like its wide steps and a lot of light from big windows. I like to feel the touch of warm wooden railings, polished with others hands for two centuries. I can infinitely looking at twisted lattice a simple (just the staircase!), but elegant ​​moldings on the ceiling and ceramic floor. I feel that the architect was thinking about those who will be walking the stairs, opening doors, touching the railing; he cared about aesthetics and comfort of residents, as well as about the impression of visitors. I like it there!

I really like the ceiling height of 4.5 meters, creaky parquet made of really good wood, which can (and should!) once a while being polished, with remove a few cantimeters layer for better result. I adore huge windows with double glass, with some special snaps and ledges - again, for comfort and good look and etc., etc., etc. I would like to live this way forever, and even the old building means many potential troubles - I accept it completely.

So, what about my 29th floor?
It's fresh-renovated and almost empty flat of the mom's friend. She left for vacation and agreed we'll live here for 2 weeks. MANY thanks, really!
First of all - it's the great view. We took pictures from here many times, but I hurry to share with you the freshie: night look from the window.


I already mentioned skating paradise of the island, parks, family activities and the rest. This building is part of Vienna Skyscraper area, and it proudly included in every travel-guide. Mmmm...modern architecture, nice facade, fast lifts, GYM, laundry room, garage and the doorman downstairs. Building is staying aside of complex of UNO-city, on the hill - alike the churches used to be built. Because this lonely stay - it's always windy around. When wind getting strong you can hear it whistles between the walls. The spire at the top - probably for beauty. I know that the architect has won many prizes for this building. Well, God bless him. The building is really visible from Vienna Woods and from everywhere else in the city. A spacious lobby is clearly visible and is equipped with video cameras, for security reasons, I guess. Everywhere you go inside - you need the key. There are few lifts for different purposes, and you should be an aborigen to understand the logistics of lifts. What else is constantly annoying - for getting out/in of the lift-area - you should fight with incredibly heavy hermetic refractory door. Defeating the door, you are getting into a long corridor with no windows. Cold fluorescent light and identical doors aligned in the line, like in hotel or hospital. Should I continue the description?

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Technishes Museum Wien

Photos are random, mostly photos of "photogenic" items. It can't illustrate how excellent this museum is. The exposition is so layered, intelligent, intriguing and so large that everyone can find the catch. I have seen there visitors of all kinds and ages - from toddlers to crumbling eldery, and also hiperactive schoolers, sedate middle-aged couples from working-class districts, kissing students, elegant seniors, the group filming video, and someone who slept on comfortable couch under zeppelin. Ticket is not cheap and museum is large, as I already mentioned; many people come to museum for whole day. They bring sandiches and even take a nap.

Yes, yes, it's not only about machines. It's very much about human being, and a lot about industry - I'm not a techno-frick but 100 years old print-house struck me. And I'm speechless about stunning locomotives!


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