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July 2012

Kittenberg Gardens and Loisium Wine

The day in Waldviertel

sunny 26 °C

Spent a day in Waldviertel area (next to Krems and Wahau), famous for wine-production.

There were:
Erlebnisgarten in Kittenberg,

Loisium Wine Museum in Langenlois

and nice town of Langenlois itself.

Usual for Austrian landscape, we passed: couple of Schlosses (castles) here and there in the way, wineyards, patches of emerald forest, rivers, creeks & bridges.

The road took about couple of hours of drive in each directon, but we didn't hurry anywhere; we were going in slow-motion through villages and fields of sunflowers.

I can't miss our 2012 discovery - the delicious wine Grüner Veltliner from winery Steininger


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From the weekend to Monday

... just returned to Vienna

sunny 28 °C

28/07/12, Saturday - Through Vienna with friends.
We just returned to Vienna at 28/07/12, Saturday after the midnight, and in the next morning we had an appointment with friends, who came here for a few days break of routine. We spent a whole day with them and had a good time together, walking through the city and finally visited the Burgtheatre. My mom joined us at the noon too. Day was hot, but evening promised to be stormy. Finally it appeared with some blows of cool wind and few single drops of rain - storm passed near and moved to another district.

29/07/12, Sunday - In the Nina's-&-Franz's house.
At Sunday we were invited to the lunch to Nina and Franz - to meet Nina's sister and niece. As usual it was lot of wine and food, we left late - full, drunk and satisfied. It's still a year to survive, but Franz begun to count days to retirement. He has a lot of plans: to read and to travel and to grow champignons in the basement. Nina has even more plans for his freedom - one of them is an ironing training. Her creativity impressed me very much!
Now we are planning few daily trips out of Vienna with Nina and her guests. We already did similar thing in last year and it was cool. Andre doesn't mind to drive and Nina is quite happy to give him the wheel. We have possibility to travel by car - which is still more comfort then public transport. Guests are entertained, etc. - just benefits! So, we plan the first trip of the series already in Tuesday. Let's pry for good weather and empty roads :-).
Will be updated, for sure.

30/07/12, Monday - Thoughts about shoes & meeting with Angelika.
Monday Morning passed between computer and kitchen - nothing exciting. Afternoon was dedicated to shopping - I was looking for shoes. Visiting of some shoe-stores makes me feeling same like visiting the museums. There are also museum prices, so I couldn't take, but could try on. Oh, my.. there were art pieces, not shoes to walk with. Later I visited a cheaper store at the opposite side of the street and it made me sad. I understand the need in different production for different customers, but still felt fooled, trying on shoes that looks "almost the same" alike these fabulous creatures from another store.
Angelika took me out from these elegiac mood. She called me to join her and Gabriel and I agreed to do. We passed through the chain kinder playgrounds and Gabriel was very satisfied with this trip. He is such a sweet child! Next week his grandparents come from Mexico to the 1st time visit. All Austrian family is excited and a bit nervous, trying to organise everything in the best possible way.

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Vienna by other eyes

sunny 29 °C

We met in Vienna our friends and spent a lovely day together.
Here is Vienna by their eyes - all photos are taken by I. Yacubovich.

Great photos indeed!

Aizek_wien__2_.jpg Aizek_wien__7_.jpg Aizek_wien__3_.jpg Aizek_wien__4_.jpg
Places are popular, but new eyes always see it by other way. I really enjoy seeing Vienna with his eyes.

Ruprechtskirche is the oldest church in the city

Karlsplatz- sooo "beaten" place with so-so reputation - suddenly looks solemn and magnificent!
The close-up at the right side below is also from Karlsplatz.

Aizek_wien__1_.jpg Karlsplatz__2_.jpg Hundertwasser.jpg Hundertwasser_leo.jpg
And here is unrivaled Hundertwasser!

kunsthisto..um__22_.jpg chwein.jpg E51F8C622219AC6817206AE55EB5F086.jpg Aizek_wien__5_.jpg

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Burgtheater Wien

sunny 28 °C

It's a splendid Burgtheater (drama theatre) in Vienna, just against a Rathaus (The City Hall). I didn't have (yet) a chance to see the performance there, but it constantly attracts me because of its fabulous interiors and especially the ceiling, painted by Gustav Klimt.
It's possible to see the building with guided tour - afternoon, twice a day, and it's available in English.

What can I say? I wanted it because of Klimt, but I received much more then expected. The theatre is beautiful and the story behind was extremely interesting. The guided tour gave us an extraordinary insight into the amazing technology, architecture, organization and history of this world-renowned theatre. After the Comédie Francaise, the Burgtheater in Vienna is Europe’s second-oldest theatre. The story started in 1741, thanks to Empress Maria Theresia, and it continues to run through several centuries, changing the repertoire, directors, actors and the chief of the scene. The Burgtheater was extensively damaged by a bombing raid and a fire in the last days of the Second World War, in 1955 - restored to its former glory and equipped with up-to-date technology. Technology of modern stage is really amazing!The stage of the Burgtheater is one of the biggest theatre stages in the world. A stage equipment that was installed in reconstruction of 1955 is still revolutionary today. In their performances they use real fire and real water, live animals, (electric) cars and do various technical miracles. Wow, it made me wish to come to see a performance, even it's German-speaking theatre. Now the theatre is closed for summer-break, but may be in the beginning of season, in September, I still can do this.

Except of famous paintings by Franz Matsch and the brothers Gustav and Ernst Klimt in the grand staircases, there is a great sculpture collection with busts of renowned playwrights - each one is an art-piece itself.


Photos are taken by I. Yacubovich.

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Ernst Fuchs

Today Ernst Fuchs lives and works in Monte Carlo.
If you never heared about him - it's a bit complish to explain who is this Ernst Fuchs, because he is known as a painter, a draftsman, a printmaker, and also sculptor, architect, stage designer composer, poet and singer... plus he is the one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism... defenately a noticeable person. I was trying to write about him just couple of lines, but I didn't sucsess to make my text short - his figure is too colorful. So I devided it into separate post - still very briefly but better then nothing.

1100_6973.jpg fuchsMetam..heflesh.jpg 101100_6975.jpg
His figure is odd: bright and odious simultaneously. Formally being a half-jew, Ernst was born at the "wrong time" (1930) in "wrong" family. His father - Maximilian Fuchs defiantly escaped from the strict rules of orthodox Jews, but later he was driven to escape to Shanghai, being persecuted as a Jew. Yes, life is full of paradoxes. Ernst was converted to Roman Catholicism twice - first time his Christian mother baptized him during the WWII in order to save him from being sent to a concentration camp. He was looking like an orthodoxal Jew, but behaving like a pure Christian.

fuchs31_big_thumb_1_.jpg fa_face_hands_400web.jpg fuchs_vill..errasse.jpg fa_all_hor_400web.jpg
Fuchs received a fundamental education in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but he also studied the symbolism of the alchemists and read Jung's "Alchemy and Psychology"; he used countless Number of different techniques and genres, creating, talking, writing, singing and socialising. Nowadays his abnormal scattering between genres may seem alike insecurity, but wide vision was quite normal for educated man of his time. After the war Fuchs lived mostly in Paris, knew bad times and good times, travelled a lot and became really famous with wave of art movement of Fantastic Realism.

In the 60-ies Fuchs returned to Vienna, and further was thriving: opened the gallery where selling his sculptures, showed in numerous international solo exhibitions, wrote philosophical essays and poems, creates for theater and film, etc. Among other things, he buys a villa Wagner (Otto Wagner, architect) and completely reconstruct and renew it. I have never seen anywhere else such a vast amount of eclectic decoration and of the fest of the bad taste. It's Fuchs Museum there now and it's open for public. I went there to see the Wagner's villa and was completely not prepared to see the kingdom of Fuchs instead. If you are intrigued by his oddious figure - take a look on this villa.

Ernst_Fuch..eMystic.jpg Ernst_Fuchs_Villa_2.jpg
Ernst Fuchs is a living legend, it said he is "regarded as one of the today’s foremost artists". Honestly, I feel a bit uncomfortable about my arrogance to consider his museum awful. Who am I to judge? Different art styles supposed to have the right to live, aren't they?

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sunny 28 °C

Gmunden is nice.
It's a cute town in Salzkammergut known as a summer resort. There is Lake Traunsee and many lake-related attractions, various bathing, Gmundner ceramics, castle, cable car, etc.

__Gm__15-2_.jpg __Gm__16_.jpg __Gm__17_.jpg __Gm__19_.jpg __Gm__23-1_.jpg __Gm__8_.jpg __Gm__48_.jpg __Gm__64_.jpg
I have read in some place that Gmunden was hopping to be Bad Ischl, but, being an industrial town it never could get it.

So no - it's not royal, but still very nice. I have not much to tell about, pictures will do.

__Gm_Rathaus__5_.jpg __Gm__59_.jpg __Gm__66_.jpg __Gm__67_.jpg ___Gm_Rathaus__9_.jpg __Gm_SeeSchloss_Ort__61_.jpg

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Magnificent Alps - Dachstein in Salzkammergut

Alps in rainy days.

rain 18 °C


Dachstein in Salzkammergut is a magnificent region of Austrian Alps. The Dachstein mountain massive is about 3km high and definately it is great for skiing and hiking. But exept of breathtaking mountain views there are also: impressive historical heritage - 7,000 years (!) of salt mining, numerous caves, the fairytale (not kidding) town of Hallstadt on the fjord-like lake and hearty food.

It happen to be rainy and cool, but we really didn't mind.

Enourmous hiking area, wide range of landscapes and dramatic views, plants and animals. It's not the first our visit there, hopefully not the last as well.

__Dachstein__97_.jpg __Dachstein__5-1_.jpg __Dachstein__1-1_.jpg __Dachstein__3-1_.jpg __Dachstein__8-2_.jpg __Dachstein__14-3_.jpg __Dachstein__19-2_.jpg __Dachstein__50_.jpg

As I already mentioned there are numerous caves. The most famous and only ones that may b visited by walk are "Mammut Cave" and "Ice Cave". "Mammut Cave" is called so for its size, It's enourmous dry cave, cold (sitting deep inside the mountain). Walking through it takes about a hour.



Large and beautiful natural cave, full with icebergs, frozen water-cascades, "chapels" etc. Unfortunately my photos, taken with very primitive camera, doesn't describe much. The most impressive views were not closeups, but panoramic views of vast rooms, "decorated" with ice columns and cascades.

__ice_cave__33_.jpg __ice_cave__17_.jpg __ice_cave__44_.jpg __ice_cave__71_.jpg __ice_cave__19_.jpg __ice_cave__1_.jpg

Ancient and magnificent mountains. And here is something new: just above the abyss protrude concrete "fingers" - they are called "five fingers".

It's hard to take them into frame, but believe me, when you stay on the glass floor on the height of 3 km - then you feel if not the plane then at least the bird.

It's summer, but ski is always here


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rain 17 °C

Obertraun is a village in the Salzkammergut. It's nothing special about the village itself: very beautiful, pastoral and cleanly - as elsewhere in Austria. In short, nothing extraordinary, yet delightful.

The river Traun and the lake...


So much fun for kids! BTW, it was about +17C, cool and rainy day, but I don't think anyone mind it!


__Obertraun__51_.jpg __Obertraun__22_.jpg__Obertraun__76_.jpg __Obertraun__20_.jpg __Obertraun__7_.jpg __Obertraun__12_.jpg

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Bad Ischl in Salzkammergut

A traditional spa town with the inimitable reminders of its former Imperial glory

That's right:
"a traditional spa town with the inimitable reminders of its former Imperial glory", known as "Sisi's favourite place"
and the home place of Lehar ("Gypsy Love", "The bird seller", etc)
and this summer (2012) Lehar's Festival.

But it also the perfect location for cycling & mountain biking, hiking, running, golf and bathing in summer and ski in winter,
and dining and wining of course.
And so on...


Emperor Franz Joseph spend approximately sixty summers there.
Our activities were less impressive: we walked around the (small and sweet) town, doing some sightseeing, then we missed the absolute gem of Bad Ischl - The Kaiservilla (never mind, the next time will do), didn't eat anything in famous Restaurant Goldenes Schiff and passed near Konditorey Zauner almost with no mental disaster. But we lifted ourselves to Katrin Mountain for breathtaking views and mini-trail. Then rain begun and washed us down, in direction of the train station. Actually we were not equipped for serious trails (all Austrian trails are serious) but the place looks great for hiking, cycling and climbing of all types.

__P7240083.jpg __P7240080.jpg __P7240067.jpg __P7240055.jpg __P7240029.jpg __P7240017.jpg __BI_no_15.jpg __P7240082.jpg __P7240054.jpg __P7240027.jpg __P7240018.jpg __P7240129.jpg
So, we came to Bad Ischl train station in rain with not having a clue where we wanna go next. We set inside the station for a while, learning a train/bus schedule, and then we cut in direction of Hallstatt. Hallstatt is a fairytale village on the shore of the fairytale lake, surrounded by fairytale mountains. As you see, everything is fairytaly there, and it's true. We have been in Hallstatt a year ago for a couple of days, took the maximum we could and left it charmed by its beauty.

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Stories from Pimpinella and Bippo


Here are two cats, living in the same house: Pimpinella and Bippo.


PIMPINELLA is aging but still beautiful cat-lady.
She is sweet, smart and a bit manipulative.
Such a lady!
Each morning she awakes me at 4:30am - for food and friendship.
Which is good combination, isn't it?


BIPPO is sleek & shiny black, handsome, playful, affectionate and
always avaliable for friendship and a good meal. Or just a meal. Or snack.
He considers himself a great hero and always eager for a going out.
Usually his "outdoor" is ending 2 floors downstairs,
then he is getting suspicious and accepts being taken back.
He is curious, energetic and funny.




Wanna kiss?

Even Bippo is younger, more active and energetic then Pimpi(nella), but Pimpi is a mother-queen of the house. It's amazing, but he behaves with respect and endless loyalty upon to her. You see - for Bippo nothing is more sacre then his food, BUT if Pimpminella decides to eat from his plate - he doesn't mumble a word and steps back, giving her all royal privilege.
You should see him, staying right after her back, with suffer in his yellow eyes and almost in tears - such a drama! Pimpinella is eating slow, licking the meal from different sides and Bippo, in complete silence, follows her every lick... Drama, I say you!

Today, I was feeding them both with their favorite sea-food pate. They just begun to eat when she decided that his food is better and switched into his plate. Bippo immediately stepped aside and, anxiously sighing, was watching her slow eating. She has eat about a half, looked up and seen his round face skewed of horror. Slowly, almost tenderly, she licked his pale face with her smelling of fish tongue, and then she focused on the food again.
Yes, she kissed him!



An introduction first.
Sorry, but I have to!

1) Each cat has two toilets belonged to him.
Oh, yes, their life is beautiful. Mine is less - as I'm a shit-cleaner.
But it's not a point of the story.

2) Pimpinella is used to the "stationar loo" in the bathroom.
It's builtin in a cupboard under the sink, has a regular cupboard doors in front and cat-flap door at the side. It's even a smal carpet (special, made from anti-slip material) near the flap-door.

Now, when you are fit to hear the touching story - it comes.

I was in the kitchen when I have heared unusual noise form the bathroom.
I pipped into the bathroom to see what is going there, but I only seen Bippo (the black cat) that sitting against the semi-transperent "window" (mentioned above as a flap-door) and watching inside. Pimpinella was in her personal toilet, quite noisy, but it didn't sound me unusual.

A bit later I mentioned that the noise continues and both cats are still there. It was weird, and I went to check it up. Bippo still set in same pose, intrigued, like he was watching an action-movie. I called to Pimpi by name and, through a semi-transparent door of the loo, I have seen her eyes - square from the horror.

When she came to piss, she stepped on the lock-button by mistake. She got locked there and couldn't get out. Poor cat was in panic. Bippo was useless: even he got her trouble like it was his own - he did nothing to resque her from the loo. Happily we were around and the incident was done in a minute - we came and opened her.

After such a nuisance, both cats had to receive immediately compensation, and they did. Lunch and after-lunch siesta made them feeling better.



Let's play!
You find a cat here, in the kitchen of Nina.


I bet it took couple of moments until you found! If you still didn't - here she is, sleeping in the bread basket.


The closeup below...


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sunny 25 °C

Very large English-style park in 18thdistrict of Vienna.
Park was established in 1888.


Our attention has been drawn with a statue of Ukrainian cossack smoking his pipe and his horse alone, in the grass field. If you ask what is he doing there, I can explain: cossacks were fighting (in the army of the Polish King Sobieski) in the battle agains the Turks who besieged Vienna in the year 1683. Surprised? Vienna is full of Russian traces.


And the last shot: the metal fence surrounding the park - such a masterpiece!


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Flea market in Vienna

sunny 28 °C

Every Saturday Nashmarkt turns into flea market. It's not exactly antique market, but still possible to find interesting things. Dusty postcards from times of WWI and even before, someone's antique dining set, wicker pram from rods, variety of medals and army uniforms, scare dols and other stuff.

AU_Vienna_..ket__1_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__2_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__4_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__5_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__7_.jpg AU_Vienna_..ket__8_.jpg

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Here I'm - in Vienna again.

About cats and flats, weather, fashion, work to do and etc.

overcast 20 °C

The quick shot inside the contemporary art piece in Schwarzenbergplatz (where The Soviet War Memorial, actually).
The very first days, we just arrived to Vienna.
100_6090.jpg 100_6092.jpg
Don't ask me why contemporary art always (?) look awful.
But Vienna is still beautiful.
100_6085.jpg 100_6084.jpg
... walking through Karlsplatz.

  • CATS

Also in this summer I'm a cat-sitter ( and also a house - plant - what ever - sitter). I care to two lovely cats here: one is my old friend, she is aging but still beautiful cat-lady. She is a sweet and a smart one, a bit manipulative and, if she dislikes something - she does not hesitate to demonstrate it. Such a lady! The only critical trick that she used to do last year and returned to it this year as well: she awakes me at 4:30am. Constantly. Yes, at daily base :-(
I can explain: being a delicate creature, she is not able to eat big portions, so she is getting hungry fast and need to feed her frequently. I understand all causes, but it doesn't help me to feel fit during the day. What is warming my heart - she appreciates my sacrifice. Don't laugh - she knows how to show it in very clear form. She is a very smart lady.

Andre gives her "the drugs" (special "cocktail" for retired cats) and she is very enthusiastic about it. There are energising components too and we didn't know it. In our first day here she received it at late evening and she went nuts! Then we learned to give it to her after breakfast ;-)

Actually I'm suspicious about the real reason of awakes - it seem to me that she just trying to come into the bedroom, to sleep in the human bed the morning hours. She used to it. Definately I don't accept, so I'm paying off while serving for her an early breakfast. However, she eats with gusto. Where is the one - there is the second one - my heart breaks at the sight of his hungry eyes!

This another cat is relatively new in this house - he lives here only for few months. He is sleek & shiny black, handsome, playful, affectionate and avaliable for friendship. He eats ... oh God! He is just a hoover! Yeah, he is ready to join any party anytime.
Usually he begins with his food, then he is taking a break "to support with shining of the pipkin of his fellow-lady", then he returns back to his own. Their food is of a good quality and smells very well. I guess it is tasty. Actually he eats everything - the owners told me that he stole from the table and gobbled a poppyseedcake with marzipan! He considers himself a great hero and always eager for a walk. Usually his heroism is ending in the 3rd floor entryway (we live in 5th floor), then he is getting stressed and quite happy to be taken back. He already discovered that there are no pipkins in the street, but he doesn't learn and yelling near the door when he has a chance to. He is curious, energetic, funny. Such a man!

Sometimes they make races in the apartment, sweeping away everything on the fly and spinning carpets into propellers. Sometimes they are rolling into the carpet alike sushi-style. You see, it's lot of fun here.


The forecast intrigues me, I'm a fan of cool weather, especially in summer. I love summer rains, but when it dry - I'm happy to rollerblade in the island. The great benefit of cloudy days - no sunblock cream needed. When it's hot - I combine skating with swimming in Danube. I make a break for swimming in this FKK beach, you have seen my reports about it before.

The first week in Vienna was terribly hot. Even when hot - it's still fresh mornings here, so early morning is my favorite time and the best time for manage anything. Dusk comes late, after 9pm, life is continuous also after 6pm - good time for a walk or what ever else.

Last days the weather switched into cool (about 18C) and even rainy! What a pleasure! As usual, I took very few of long-sleeve cloths, not believing that summer can cool down. At fact it is! :-)
I'm not really bothered, I enjoy it very much and prefer to feel a bit cool then to feel hot.

  • FOOD

It's refreshing switch to a bit different eating habits. When I'm in Vienna I use to eat lot of lovely cheeses, meats and excellent bread (unfortunately for my figure). I drink lot of local wines and also French & Italian wines. Not less but even more I enjoy apricots that sold in 5 kg buckets, and wild chanterelle mushrooms, avaliable in every supermarket at season. Austrian know to prepare outstanding chanterelle gulash - to die for! We are still cooking daily at home, mostly the Mediteranean cousine, that we are used to.



This year MAK ( the museum of Applied Arts art exposes lovely collection of decorative art, furniture, textil and, right now, Klimt's cartoons!) - this museum provides free admission on Tuesdays 18-22pm. Which is great possibily to see it in portions.

Here I have to make a break in my esse - because the lady-cat came for cuddling. To mention here, that I'm sitting in "her"chair, where she likes to sleep. It's the chair near the work-table in the office, where I use to work. We share it, yes.

We have many of "cultural programm" plans - mostly museums and various exhibitions, but I hope to catch the beginning of opera season in September, sure will get few concerts, may be even have opportunity for circus and/ or cinema. There are also few more places of interest that are not museums, but related to architecture or / and history and now I have my own "Only in Vienna" by Duncan J.D. Smith - my mommy purchaised it for me and I wanna use it fully.


Summer 2012 Viennese are dressing different. Watching them throught the years I mentioned especial elegance and hills for ladies, buttoned shirts, expensive bags and neatly pressed trousers for men and calm pastel colors for both. Summer 2012 came with bright colors, and, what is more significant - people got "stripped". Summer 2012 came with bright colors, and, what is more significant - people "stripped". Very short skirts and pantie-kind shorts, tiny T-shirts and flip-flops for girls, men are in shorts, still prefer shirts with buttons, but it can be comined with sandals or flip-flops as well. It's a big change for Vienna, which was classic and solid during ages.

But who am I for shopping advice? The variety is confusing.
Here is an enormous info-store of all kinds avaliable online, wien.info is just one of hundreds samples. The variety is confusing. Trendy, brandy, vintage, what ever styles are "waving" to you from every store-window.

This year I mentioned the very special fashion-store (chain of the stores, actually) that called Desigual. This is fashion for people who desire to be visible, to look different and to be unforgettable. It's forbidden to take photos in their stores (unfortunately, because stores interiors are outstanding designed as well), but you may peep into them in the Desigual web-site: www.desigual.com. One of Desigual stores is on Mariahilfer 57-59. Mariahilfer Straße is the paradise for shopaholic.

A dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany (especially Bavaria – Liechtenstein, Austria, and South Tyrol) based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. Despite all of the above ('s true, I swear!) - Traditional dress is always actual in Austria. To walk in the street and to ride the subway, to dress it in special occasions (alike wedding or birthday), to wear it to theatre or just going with friends to the local beerhouse. Not for demonstration or pretending and nothing to do with nationalism issue - all this is as natural as buthing naked under the sun or walking in the mountains with sticks (alpine walking) in age of 90. It's going similar way in Germany (especially Bavaria) and in Tyrol.

100_6764_.jpg 100_6770_.jpg

That's me, dressing dirndl.
Lady in blue is my dearest mom.


I'm keeping the list of "have to do things" that I begun last year. There are things that I didn't complete or just discovered a while before leaving. I'll continue updating it there.

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Margareten - the 5th district of Vienna


Margareten is a working-class district that located almost in the center. However Margareten isn't boring - there are many parks and green areas, interesting architectural samples, signs and unusual shops.


5th_distri..gareten__4_.jpg 5th_distri..gareten__8_.jpg 5th_distri..gareten__9_.jpg
5th_distri..reten__5-2_.jpg 5th_distri..reten__5-3_.jpg 5th_distri..gareten__6_.jpg5th_distri..gareten__7_.jpg 5th_distri..gareten__2_.jpg 5th_distri..eten__10-1_.jpg

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