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Leopold Museum

sunny 28 °C

MQ - Museum Quarter, opened in 2001. It's big area in very central place, that combines excellent museums, place for rest and for socialising, great location for festivals and events.



I was in this beautiful Museum several times and never mentioned who is this Leopold, after whom the museum named. I was quite surprised to know that it's neither the royal family member and nor famous musician or politican. Rudolf Leopold, 1925-2010 was a real guy, the collector, thanks to whom we can see the greatest collection of paintings of Egon Schiele, Klimt, Moser and other brilliant artists of beginning 20th century. Actually he passed a month ago, in June 2010. Better later then never, here he is


I want to publish here few pieces from his collection. There r not definately the most famous, but those that touched me and those which I liked especially. Some were new for me and others I already have seen before.

The Hope, 1930

Girl with white hat, 1935

Ringelblumen, 1909

Self-Portrait with Chinese Plant, 1912

Death and Life, 1910/1915

Klimt is probably the most famous (also out of Austria) Viennise artist of 1st half 20th century. He is probably the most stylish, elite and erotic one. It's weird disgarmony between absolute beauty of his paintings and his look (see photo below) and life-story, full of illness and tradegy.

I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I'm not certain of whether it's true.
Gustav Klimt

Pig Market, 1934

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News From Vienna

sunny 35 °C

What's new in Vienna:

it's very hot again. Last days all were over 30C, and today it's getting about 35C. I feel very tired at evenings - this heath "eats" all my energy and at eveings I have completely "empty battery". Animals also lost mind from the heath - they behave weird and unsafe (for themselves). Couple of days ago I have seen a crow, making SPA-treatment in the grass. Unfortunatelly I didnt have camera with me, so, here is a description of seen: Crow set very low on the ground with opened beak and absolutelly "glassy" eyes; her wings were widely opened asides, and each feather was standing up separatelly. I guess it was sitting on ant heap - crows like to clean themselves in weird ways. All crow's look was exactly like people use to look on posters of SPA at time of treatment. Grass and flowers on the island became yellow in parts.
Only Austrians are not melting like I do, they still keep smiling on their toned faces and most of them look so fresh and constantly elegant like they right now were producted in ice-cream factory!
BTW, about an ice-cream ...below!


International AIDS Conference is held in Vienna 18-23 July.

Alberina shows 4 exhibitions: 1) Monet to Baselitz - fascinating masterpeaces from more than 130 years of art history, from Impressionism to the most recent present. 2) Heinrich Kühn - father of art photography around 1900. 3) "Bestiarium" by American artist Walton Ford (born in 1960) - illustration-style of anormous size. Pretty awful, I have to say. 4) Printz of Alex Katz who said ranks among today’s most important US artists. - personally I dont like this kind of art. Underline: 2 great exhibitions and 2 missy, but it's just my personal taste.
Film Festival in front of the Rathous (City Hall). Each night a different film connected to operas is presented on the collosal screen. There is no entrance fee and a collection of different international cuisines is pampering your stomach.

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Michaelerkirche, ice-cream and graffiti

sunny 30 °C



When "the culture program" was done, we (Andre, my mom & myself) met Roger in the center and we all went to eat ice-cream.
I'm a big fan of Italian ice-cream (Italian i mean = in Italy), and have some expirience with ice-cream in other countries, includes Austria.
I have to consider that Zanoni & Zanoni is the best ice-cream I have ever eat in Vienna and I'm glad to reccomend it to you. Once you r in Vienna and thinknin ice-cream - go on it!

Zanoni & Zanoni Gelateria,
1, Am Lugeck (just down Rotenturmstrasse from Schwedenplatz towards the Stephansdom)

GRAFFITI - A walk along the banks of the Danube.

After ice-cream attack we walked in the city. It was very hot and we went down to the river.
Riverbank was shade and there were few new art-pieces. I luv street-art and have a collection of photos from Vienna, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Prague and other places which I visited, where graffity caught my eye.


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Doors and windows

New shots - addition to my collection of doors & windows


Art Nouveau is a movement and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century (1890–1905).

Hitzing_02.jpg Hitzing_03.jpg Hitzing_04.jpg
Hitzing_09.jpg Hitzing_07.jpg Hitzing_06.jpg
The name 'Art Nouveau' is French for 'new art'. It is also known as Jugendstil, German for 'youth style', named after the magazine Jugend, which promoted it, and in Italy, Stile Liberty from the department store in London, Liberty & Co., which popularised the style. Art Nouveau came as a reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms. Art Nouveau is an approach to design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of everyday life. It's mistake to think that whole Hitzing is built in Jugendstil, it's just my favorite, so you can see many examples in this blog.

The window with bat.


VIENNA_Nas..door_01.jpg VIENNA_Nas..oor_021.jpg VIENNA_Nas..oor_022.jpg
VIENNA_Nas..oor_023.jpg P1010026.jpg

At 1st line: Stephan Kirche (left) and Restaurant zum Basilisk - man, i you don't yet listened story of Basilisk from me - you have to!
Horse on the right of the 2nd line - Spanish Riding School.
And at the bottom (left), this beautiful window with girls is in 7th district of Vienna.

AUSTRIA_Vienna_267.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_269.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_272.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_266.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_308.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_265.jpg AUSTRIA_Vi..irls_03.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_290.jpg
Next line (down):
Photo with yellow wall - it's window of heurige - an Austrian equivalent of tavern, where you can drink home-made young wine. Actually, "Heurige" means new wine. It's a bit tricky - when you drink you don't feel alcohol, it's so light and refreshing! Then.. when you wnat to stand up ... u somehow cant do.
The second - blue wave on white wall is the buildng near Augarten.
Third I just like. Don't remember where it is exactly.

AUSTRIA_Vienna_314.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_300.jpg AUSTRIA_Vienna_276.jpg
Here (from left to right):
"Rebhuhn" pub at Berggasse 24,
Hundertwasser's house
and view from the window of Clock Museum.

AUSTRIA_Vienna_280.jpg AUSTRIA_Vi..asser02.jpg AUSTRIA_Vi.._museum.jpg

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sunny 27 °C

Hietzing is the neigbourhood near Schönbrunn Palace. 1st mentioned in 12th century as area of fields, vineyards and cemetery, and it staid wine-making place for next 500 years, until turn into farmland in mid 17th century. After two Turkish siege (once in 16th and then in 17th cent) Hietzing was almost completely depopulated. The construction of the castle Schoenbrunn eventually led to the great BOOM of the former village Hietzing. The proximity of the Imperial Court brought with it strong construction activity, but it was yet to create quarters for aristocrats and officials who desired to live near the Royal Family.

P7200071.jpg Hitzing_02.jpg P7200104.jpg

  • Click on photo to enlarge.

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The second day of cool weather!

more Vienna of Wagner (architect, not a musician!), ice-cream from "Fresh Wind" and just a walk around.

semi-overcast 23 °C

The second day of nice weather. I'm so happy for this little rest that dont mind even stormy wind and some rains that washed Vienna. We finally could breath for a while. Yesterday wind was 54km/hr and rollerblading was impossible. Today it got better and I rolled on the island. I met a rabbit in my way! He was young, with big head and perfectly white ass.
Afternoon we spent in the city with Andre and mom.

loved the sculpture of this serious guy who s keeping corner of the building on his back

Villas by Otto Wagner near MeteoStation in Hohe Warte

Also in Hohe Warte

Then, in the way to center, we were greeted with any political (? I'm not sure) movement, which members devided little yellow whirligigs and ice-cream(!!!). In their broshures was written the slogan: "Fresh Wind needed! Vienna is the perfect place, but let's make it better". We licked ice-cream and mentioned that it was not really clear - why need to improve place which is perfect already.

Just in two steps from the Rathous (click to enlarge)

P7190036.jpg P7190042.jpg P7190045.jpg

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Rain, rain, rain again!

Kirche "Zum Helligen Geist" in Pfarre Schmeltz, 15th District

storm 18 °C

After 2 weeks of over +30C heath there r finally cool weather. Wind blew out sun and brought some rainy clouds instead. I enjoy it very much! :-D

Morning was rainy and I kept busy with home-keeping. At the noon rain relaxed and we (mom, Roger and myself) went to see Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) church in 15th district. My mom knows that I love this architecture style very much and always pays attention on interesting buildings, keeping them in mind to show me them later.

This Catolic church is built by Slovakian architect Plecnik, student of famous Otto Wagner. At this time most habbitans of Schmelz Neigbourhood had Slovakian origin (now it changed).
The main element of the interior is big (taking whole the wall) mozaic.

At the entrance we have seen the memorial board dedicated to 1st and 2nd WW citizents who lived in the neighbourhood. It was about 20 ppl who fall in WWI and 4 more added between 1941-45.

This is 15th district, Schmeltz neighbourhood.

Fragment with window


The door of the building was opened and I entered.

ceramic wall downstairs


And here is Hundertwasser Platz!
It's not the most beautiful square in Vienna, but Hundertwasser is just The Greatest Maestro of Vienna (My appologise to Klimt, Shille and Otto Wagner who are also great!)
Later, just against the entrance into underground, i was stopped with the glance ... OMG...


Beautiful door, BTW.
And great that they dare to renovate. But really funny painting!


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Donauinsel (Danube Island)

Place of rollerblading, cycling, swimming, canoeing, water-skiing, eating, drinking, dancing, tunning (very popular nude beaches), fishing, jumping from the bridge to the water, etc. etc. etc. Well-known for international Musc Festivals at summer.

32 °C

It's time to tell you about Donauinsel.

The Donauinsel (Danube Island) is a long, narrow artifical island, between the Danube river and the parallel excavated channel Neue Donau ("New Danube"). The island is 21km in length. The main purpose of the island however is to be part of Vienna's highly sophisticated flood protection system. As river Danube crosses the city, this has constantly been a concern for hundreds of years. Also river originallty took curve loop which was additional trouble for navigation. Danube is known for intensive water-traffic.

In 1970, a new plan was conceived and soon executed: digging an additional channel and using the spoil to build up the remaining strip of land between the straightened bed from the 19th century flood defence schemes and the newly created one. The new channel is called the Neue Donau (New Danube). The works were finished in 1988.




Nudity is natural. Donauinsel Nudity means freedom, happiness and good health. Many people bring to FKK areas (official nude beaches) their families, kids and dogs. It's right place for socialising, taking sunbathes and swimming. Other people are reading or feeding birds, scating or cycling, fishing, etc.


The island is house of open air Donauinselfest (Music Festival)- Europe's biggest event of this kind. Usually lasts 3 days (weekend) in June. The music styles vary from stage to stage, and there are enourmous amount of stages on the island. All this is free of charge. I had oportunity to be in this festival twice, it impressive event. They say it hosts about 3 mln visitors. Madonna gave her first concert in Vienna there in front of an impressive crowd of 57,000. There are also food, beers and fireworks.


Donauinsel is green zone, located just inside the city; it's very near metro stations, train path and even some industry. But if you come early enough, you have a chance to meet there society of wild animals (hares/ wild rabbits, beavers, hedgehogs, etc)...

The tree, damaged by beaver.

... variety of birds (magpie, pheasant, kurpatka, songbirds) and water-chickens (swans, ducks, herens, gulls, etc.),

diffferent kinds of frogs, snakes, many interesting insects (big bugs and beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and, as it appeared last year, awful mosquitos!)

I mentioned few herbs (buckthorn, dog rose, linden) and we even collected some St John's wort this year. There are bushes of cornel and an amazing cover of wild flowers.

Sea Buckthorn Berries (oblepiha)

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My family and friends in Vienna

28 °C

Andre - my dear husband that came with me to Vienna. We are rollerblading together, painting together, travel, cook, and do together many other things. But there are few things that he prefers to do alone (to work, for example). He took with him little netbook (new one!) and works from Vienna too.

Belochka - is my mom. Her real name is Svetlana, which means "light". She is really light person, ppl adore her, she makes friends everywhere easily. Nickname "Belochka" came not from Italian Bella, as u could think, but from family-jokes. Actually "Belochka" means squirrel in Russian. I'll not say how it comes right here, let it to another time.

is my mom's husband. He is American-born, who lives in Europe for a while. Roger knows mathematics, connected to computer and goes to fitness daily. He has 3 sons from 1st marriage.

MONICA & GERHARD are my mom's Austrian friends.
Monica is a real sweetie, positive and smiling lady who dancing, makes friends, knows languages and travels a lot. She is extremelly sociable and often remembers me my own mom. Her husband Gerhard is more discreet, which not means he is dry. He is very nice person!

  • on photo Gerhard und seine Mutti (with his mother)

They have 2 daughters: Angelica and Christine. Angelica is my friend and Chrisine I supposed to meet this summer. Monica and her family is an Austrian Family of my mom, and mine as well.

Angelica - Monica's daughter. Angelica is 33 this summer. She is little and slim like a bird. Very independent, energetic, educated, well-travelled. In her big trip around the world she met a mexican guy - Fernando, they got married and they have extremelly sweet little Gabriel.
"Papiel" aka Gabriel is a little son of Angelica and Fernando. He is 2 years old, has very black eyes and good appetite. He is so sweet that people on the street trurning back to see him.

Technically Nina is far-far-far and undirect relative to us. It's so far and unimportant that i dont dare to explain how it comes. Nina is at her 40th and easily can be my mom's daughter but they are friends. For not being explaining again and agian about these complicated connection, they just decided that Nina is my mom's niece. No one doubts that - they both are blondies and both has Russian origin. Actually, Nina is looking like real Austrian Frau. Actually, my mom is looking like real frau too (except of weird detail that Belochka doesnt speak proper German).

Franz is Nina's husband. They live in old big house, which belongs to Franz's family for more then 200 years. Once they lived with 12 cats (all of them were addapted from animal-care), but then cats got old and passed one after another. So now they only have 2 new cats who (cats) manage the home. Franz also wrote a book - kind of fairy-tale from cat's life. I love them both very much. They are also my mom's ( and mine!) Austrian Family.

Konstantin is a 1/2 German and 1/2 Austrian guy who learned in Uni in Vienna and staid here for years (forever? Who knows). Once he & Roger were working together in Austrian hi-tech company. They met in train. One summer Andre, Stasi (the son) and me were living in his place - right inside the University. I loved it there! The place was sofisticated, old historical building with rooms of unusual propose. Parents gave to Konstantin this name because combined with his Family Name Opple, it sounds Konstantinople. He has scars of a sword (fencing) on his face and it makes him look like a stripped cat (just a little bit!). Also I like the story how K was stopped by policeman for over-speed in the city: he did 70km/hr, when allowed speed is max 50km/hr. The point is that Konstantin was riding the bicycle!

Actually, there are three of them: Katja (tall, slim and enerjetic brunette), Gleb (Round-faced, communcative and impressivly informed dude), Sasha (angel-look 4 years old girl with character of Margaret Thatcher) and Danny (the dog). No photos of Danny - what a shame! Katja & Gleb live on 10th floor of the same buildig, where my mom does. They have a huge round window and a weird pillar in their living-room. From the sunrise to sunset sun is slowly mooving inside their room.

This summer Katja & Gleb got married. It was a formal step - they are couple about 10(?) years or so, own apartment, grow up daughter and dog together. But still this wedding rocked Vienna: guests came from all over the world, even from Australia; monumental wedding cake was eaten by half of the city during 2 weeks after the event; Sasha had two ball-dresses and few pairs of shoes to wear at the party and she was very excited about "our wedding", etc., etc.

Other people who means Vienna for me, even they are not present here currently, they are:
Hundertwasser is no 1! Then Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Gustav Mahler with his Alma and his music, Sigmund Freud, Habsburg Family[/i], also shadows of great musicians: Strauss, Haydn, Shubert and marketial (chocolad, uniform, concerts, souvenirs) Mozart; Franz Sacher- creator of famous sachertorte (chocolate cake). I can't miss Basilisk of Vienna from Schönlaterngasse (Lovely Lantern Lane) No. 7

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Do it with me

My typical day in Vienna

sunny 30 °C

Once again I am trying to describe what the hell I am doing here
:-) Actually... doing NOTHING!!!
I awake about 7AM

and after some breakfast going to rollerblade on the island.

I'm rolling along the island, ~8-10 km forward, it takes about an hour and it's full time pleasure :-D
Then I leave my staff on the grass and jump into Danube. Swimming cool and clean water. Sometimes there r swans, ducks and fishes of all sizes are swimming with me. Unfortunatelly (?) no sharks, but last year we found little medusas (!!!). Yes, yes, belive or not, but there r 2EU-coint-size medusas in Danube!

After swimming I dress and begin my way back - another hour of rolling, another 10 kms, but it's fun!
At home taking a bath and put to dry/clean all equipment.
Then I/we prepare lunch (taking it serious, we luv eat well), then lunch procedure - usually all 4 of us together.

Dishwashing and then sacre COFFEE TIME! My mom is coffee-frick and so I am! Mom always keeps the best of the best sorts of coffee.
Afternoon can vary: sometimes it's house-keeping or grossery shopping, sometimes outdoors and sometimes just rest with book. Meantime the weather is very hot, which limits our activities very much. Day light lasts till 9-10pm here, so at evening we sometimes going to swim again, it also possible to go out - if legs still able to walk.
Dinner. Mondial 2010 (!) or movie on TV. Tired! Curtain. Night.


I feel that i need to explain about the island and about grossery-shopping, that became kind of big-deal cause refrigerator is at size of minibar in hotel room. And about all this accomodation - where, what and why. About Andre, my husband - we travel together. About friends here in Vienna. .. etc.
But i'll do it in portions - to make it easier to read and easier to write.
and meantime - have a nice day, wherever you are now!
your v.

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sunny 32 °C

This year population of mosquitoes in Vienna is increadiable. I don't remember anything alike at other years. Probably it's because very warm (hot!) summer which came late this year.

We (Andre and me) just arried tonight, but dared not to miss a day and at the next morning we went to rollerblade at Donauinsel, as usual. At the middle way we decided to go downhill (island isn't flat). We are familiar with topography of Donauinsel, and we knew that there was no asphalted road but only very short footpath near the preserved swamp (kind of National Reserve). We decided to cut the way there, stepping down (not skating) with rollerblades. So we did. It was a HUGE mistake! Andre passed 1st and he was watching on me from downhill. He supported me with advices and comments (so sweet!). I was balancing on rolling stones and it was really unstable. Badly sweating and staying on one leg (on wheels, actually), I was trying to take off the second boot and to grasp a branch with free (?) hand. At this exact moment vast cloud of mosquitoes flew out of the bushes. Flock of mad mosquitoes stuck to me from head to toe. Oh, man... I got all covered with them, each my move the cloud changed the shape and attacked me with great enthusiasm. It seems they were hungry.
"You can't help, stop dealing with them and just come down as quick as u could!" - Andre gave me advices from downhill. Easy to say "stop dealing"... I couldn't stay indifferent under their attack! "They will leave you at the moment you'll come here - to sunlight!" - he said.
Aha... sure... When I finally dropped down, put my boots back and , fighting with mosquitos, rolled out as fasts as I could, the mosquite-cloud was accompany me another 100 meter. I never was bited so bad! I hate mosquitos!!!
But ... do you khow what? Bad experience is useful experience too! I found great post-mosquitos treatment (Fenistil is not working for me anymore).

It's called
Made in Austria, Graz.
Highly reccomended!

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July in Vienna

What the hell I'm doing here?

sunny 26 °C
View Austria - Summer 2010 & ISRAEL - all around on vanessa's travel map.

I'm asked too often "what d' hell are you going to do in Vienna for so long?". (This time I come for 2 months!). I'll try to explain it at public once a while. So, here I am.
Folks, there are always so much to do in Vienna! I was here many times and I still have so many to discover. But let me tell u details.
1st of all, for those who doesnt yet know it - my mom & her husband live in Vienna. Only this single reason could be enough for coming here frequently. 2nd - I love Europe, I love Austria and I love Vienna too. I love Vienna not only for beauty, music and strudels, but for tolerance and behaving, for the Donauinsel (Danube Island), where I rollerblading and for Hundertwasser - who is the greatest thing in my Viennise expirience. I like that it's clean here, that people are polite and positive, and many other things. 3rd reason: is escape of our MiddleEast summer. Oh, man, it's really bad heath in my place. I become a zomby at summer months. European summer supposed to be softer. LOLlllls.. last week was so terribly hot in Europe that my escape probably sounds like a joke, but still, right now, it's storm and rain out of window - and I'm happy, i love summer rains!

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